A Clueless American Asks: Could Trump Lead To A Victory For Jeremy Corbyn?

by Shelton Bumgarner

I’m just a clueless American, but at least from what I can tell from my Twitter feed — it definitely seems as though British Prime Mister candidate Jeremy Corbyn has got some energy behind him. Now, relative to American politics, it seems as though Corbyn’s old school Labour politics are Left of even Bernie Sanders.

But I’m only now getting up to speed about what’s going on in Great Britain in large part because, well, things are getting interesting. Incumbent Tory PM Theresa May, at least to these American eyes, has a little bit of Hillary Clinton in her, in that she’s kind of a meh candidate. And, yet, Corybn seems so Leftist in his outlook that I struggle to believe Great Britain would vote him in.

The fact that Corbyn is beginning to surge in the polls seems to indicate that Corbyn is benefiting from something of an anti-Trump effect. Corbyn is a way for British people to express their displeasure with Trump on a practical level. If Corbyn was to win, I think it would give a lot of heart to people like me in the States who hope that maybe, just maybe, the mythical “Blue Wave” everyone hopes will happen in 2018, might, just might in fact happen.

But I just don’t know enough about British politics to know if I’m anywhere near making the right conclusion. One question I have is what would happen to Brexit if Corbyn pulls off a miracle and wins? Is it too late to stop the Brexit process altogether?

If anything, given that Corbyn was 20 points behind up until recently, is is pretty obvious that Trumplandia’s gravitational pull is far more significant than any of us are willing to comprehend. It could very well be that Trump’s victory will be sen as the high point of the Right Wing Nut Job movement and as the pendulum swings back to some sense of sane thought, Trumplandia will begin to fade.

But I fear that’s really too wishful thinking on my part. It’s going to be a struggle to extract the rotting tooth of Trump. He ain’t going nowhere. But, if nothing else, a Corbyn victory would be a victory for the global Resistance to Trumplandia.

It will be interesting to see how things work out, indeed. I just wish I knew more about this subject. I’m going to keep a close eye on things and try to write blog posts that are a little bit more clued in as we grow closer to the actual election date in Great Britain.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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