V-log: #Hollywood, #Writing A #Screenplay and General Meandering Mulling

by Shelton Bumgarner

In this video, I go into great length about the general movie screenplay concept I’m working on. I am waiting on buying a professional camera and for some reason the muse is active and I’m screwing around with a screenplay. Maybe nothing will come of it, but maybe it will. Anyway, I really encourage you to watch this one. It’s pretty good.

In it, I go into why I like screenwriting, why I think I would do well in Hollywood and the general concepts associated with the screenplay I’m interested in writing. There really hasn’t been a movie that deals specifically with the Trump era and this movie concept does just that. I’m going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at this story as part of fleshing it out.

I am musing about different weird things that could happen to our Hero. One of those weird things would be something like we learn he obsessed over a fashion It Girl like Alexa Chung and that comes back to haunt him. Or something. I like the idea of there being personal consequences to his actions as well. That’s going to be the subplot, at least, how all this affects our Hero on a personal level.

The thing I like about Hollywood is how important networking is. I also like how Hollywood is a town based on story telling. Though I find myself thinking I’m much more of New York City kinda guy, I admire how much of LA is obessed with writing screenplays.

Anyway, no one ever watches any of these videos I do, but this one is really good. It’s really interesting if you’re into telling stories. I am going to try to spend most of the day today fleshing out this screenplay concept, but I am known to say that and then just sleep the day away.

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