Yet More Mulling #Writing A Scifi #Screenplay About The Trump Era

by Shelton Bumgarner

I continue to make my way through the darkness to figure out the specifics of a movie concept that I think is pretty strong, pretty powerful. It’s about humanity — and the United States specifically — being given the greatest opportunity in human history and because of how screwed up everything is, we’re not able to take advantage of it until things get so desperate that we feel we have no choice.

That, at least, is the general concept. If I were doing a “high concept” elevator pitch, I would say something like it’s “Close Encounters of The Third Kind meets Network meets Burn After Reading set in the Trump Era.” Now, I’m not suggesting I’m a good enough writer to pull this off by myself. My goal is to simply produce something, anything in screenplay form and use that as a the basis of a something I could get someone else to help me with. I need a collaborator who knows plot. I know how to think up a concept, but plot is difficult for me. But, thankfully, the plot of this one is, so far, flowing quite well.

I am enjoying fleshing out the story a great deal. It’s a lot of fun thinking all the different ways things could go wrong given the construct of the scenario in question. And as I conceive of it, there would be enough whiz-bang action and adventure in the movie for it to be a legitimate summer scifi blockbuster. I like how this concept would both be deep and entertaining in a way that the masses would enjoy it. Some people, obviously, would be turned off by the politics of it all, but fuck them. đŸ™‚

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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