A ‘People’s Impeachment’ Is Needed If Either Rosenstein Or Mueller Are Fired

by Shelton Bumgarner

It is growing ever more apparent that the Constitutional rot our republic is experiencing goes far deeper and is more extensive than we thought. The Resistance has been so busy worrying about protecting Bob Mueller, that we have missed the fact that Steve Bannon has concocted a plan to do a slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre 2.0 by having Trump fire not Mueller — which would take a while as person after person quit rather than do it — but his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein.

So we have to now all vow that if either Mueller EITHER / OR Rosenstein is fired by Trump, we’ll take to the streets. We have to tell each other we’re ready to lace up or sneakers and do what the South Koreans did a few years ago and protest until we get rid of Trump. Until we force the hand of the Vichy Congressional Republicans so they have to do something about Trump.

We have to do this now before Trump fires Rosenstein and dramatically redefines the scope of Mueller’s probe. We have to treat Rosenstein’s canning as being equal to Mueller being fired. If we don’t do this now, Trump will steal a march on us get away scott free.

So whatever plans you might have had should Mueller be fired, you have to apply them to Rosenstein being fired, too. The entire GOP is so complicit that it’s heartbreaking. The will of the people is the last gasp of freedom in the United States and otherwise the dark shadow of true autocracy will descend upon this once great nation.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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