‘An Uber For News’ — How To Save Newspapers From Themselves #Startup

by Shelton Bumgarner

So, I’ve come up with what I think is a really cool way to “disrupt” the newspaper business. Here’s how it would work — the service to the uninitiated would, on the surface, seem a lot like Reddit. But it would, in fact, be much more than that.

The service would be a social media platform designed not only to “kill” Twitter, also reward producers of great content. All the reporters who have been laid off from newspapers would find a new home with this service which would lay out clear metrics for how you could make money. You would not only be “graded” by your fellow users for the content you provided, you would also credit for how many clicks and shares you got within the system. Using this formula your pay would be worked out for each article you contributed to the system.

Once you became a Verified Account holder, you might also garner additional remuneration for various things associated with the Groups and Conversations you created.

It’s really a win-win situation because a lot of people who are fed up with Twitter would flock to a service which actually rewarded people for producing quality content. Of course, a lot of people who use Reddit would say that the service was a rip off of it, when, in fact, it was actually an update of the old Usenet service.

I feel this is a pretty cool concept and if I had a few hundred thousand dollars laying around, I would try to establish the startup myself. But I can’t code and don’t want to learn, so this is just a daydream. I find the whole concept fascinating.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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