I Guess We’ll Never Know If Shera Bechard Had An Affair With Donald Trump

Editor’s Note: While the logic of it being Trump and not Broidy holds up, new evidence has come to light that I’m not able to disclose that makes at least more likely that it was Broidy after all. But as I keep saying, the SDNY may have the proof one way or another.

by Shelton Bumgarner

While it makes logical sense that it was Donald Trump and not Elliot Broidy that Shera Bechard had an affair with, it is doubtful we’ll ever know the truth unless the SDNY drops a bombshell on us. So, we’re just going to have to be content with the knowledge that it definitely looks like she had an affair with Trump instead of Broidy.

The more you think about it, the less the logic of Bechard having an affair with Broidy holds up. While is there little if any evidence that they even know each other? If there was affair, why so little proof? But Trump has one thing going for him in his defense: Trump is such a fucking moron I struggle to imagine him being able to pull of something like this while in office. It takes guile and intelligence to be a modern president and keep something like an affair secret when your ever move is tracked by thousands of scoop hungry reporters.

Here’s my take on it in table form.

 Trump  Broidy
 Fuckability Because of power: 10 Fuckability: Because of money: 6
Proximity To Bechard: She was frequently in NYC about the time Trump was.  Proximity To Bechard: Broidy is a long-time LA resident, but who knows.
Proof they knew each other: Extremely sketchy. A little bit of social media that indicates some connection if nothing more than proximity at the right time Proof they knew each other: None other than maybe on picture of them together in public I think.
 Is it possible? Definitely seems that way.  Is it possible? The logic doesn’t hold up.
Weaknesses to theory:Trump is to stupid and he was way too visible to pull something like this off. Weakness to theory:Limited proof they even know each other, despite a $1.6 million payoff.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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