There’s No Proof Elliot Broidy Even Knows Shera Bechard

Editor’s Note: While the logic of it being Trump and not Broidy holds up, new evidence has come to light that I’m not able to disclose that makes at least more likely that it was Broidy after all. But as I keep saying, the SDNY may have the proof one way or another.

by Shelton Bumgarner

I thought there was a picture of Elliot Broidy with Shera Bechard, but I was wrong. So, as of right now, other than the Wall Street Journal story that set up the story, there is no evidence at all that Elliot Broidy even knows Shera Bechard.

Wouldn’t it make sense that if these two were having a two year affair that there would be some photographic evidence somewhere that the two were at least in proximity to each other? Wouldn’t it, in fact, be in Broidy’s best interest to make an air-tight case that that he did, in fact, have an affair with Bechard to prevent the very speculation that I am be engaged in?

And look at this:

So, again, we don’t have any evidence of either Broidy or Trump being involved, but the logic of it being Trump not Broidy is significantly stronger. She’s his type physically. We know Trump digs Playboy Bunnies. She was in physical proximity to him during 2015-2017. And because of Stormy Daniels, we know he raw dogs his lovers, which would mean logically it would make sense if he was dating Bechard that he might get her pregnant.

But this is all speculation. We now have to just wait until some MSM person finds the gumption to do something about this and looks into it a little bit more. But Bechard has $1.6 million reasons to stay mum at this point. She is no Stormy Daniels and as of right now has no reason to change.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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