Playboy Seems The Achilles’ Heel Of The Broidy – Bechard Cover Story

by Shelton Bumgarner

For me, the issue now is simply finding out once and for all if Elliot Broidy was Shera Bechard’s baby daddy. And if I was going to find out, I would attack citadel Playboy. I would start snooping around the Playboy Bunny community, and if I was a well heel NYC reporter, I would ask Cooper Hefner directly for a statement. Yes, no, or kiss my foot, Coop.

It just doesn’t seem possible to me that Bechard could have an affair with either Broidy or Trump without one of her Bunny girlfriends knowing _something_. And as I keep saying, all I want is the truth. If it was Broidy, then fine, I look like an idiot. I’ve been extremely conspicuous being an idiot before and have zero credibility, so it’s not like I’m losing anything.

But I hate how logic is dancing around naked in front of me and I have to be eyes wide shut about it. Logic keeps saying, “That baby’s daddy was Donald Trump!” I’m the first to admit that this is, at this point, a dumb tinfoil hat concept. This is like what a liberal InfoWars would be talking about right now if such a thing existed. Yet like I said, the logic is very powerful.

My gut tells me the Playboy community is the weakspot. Peter K. Stris, Bechard’s lawyer, couldn’t possibly scare the bejeebas out of every woman in the extended Playboy community. Someone, somewhere will squeal if you just ask them what the know.

It’s so frustrating that it seems as though no one in the MSM is very interested in all of this. Or maybe I’m being too impatient. These things take time. But I have to note again — how come Stris has been so mum? Why no statement saying, “Fuck you, she didn’t bang Donald Trump.”

There are several different ways this could go. One way is this remains kind of story that everyone in the media elite knows about but can’t or won’t confirm. It becomes a low-level folktale that die-hard Trump haters babble on about when they get drunk.

Meanwhile, there is the possibility that the story slowly builds to a climax and there’s a tipping point at which the entire country is talking about it and that’s enough pressure to get the MSM to dig really hard and we find the facts out one way or another. The fact that it’s very possible that Broidy is the guy after all, of course, kind of puts a damper on all of this for the mainstream media.

What’s worse, it’s very possible that all of this is for naught. We could learn that Trump really did pay Bechard off to have an abortion and…crickets. We’ll all be talking about Spygate so much that this is just background noise.

This really is a lot like a twisted horror movie at this point.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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