Trying To Process This Imbroglio Honestly

by Shelton Bumgarner

I don’t know what to tell you folks.

Logic says Donald Trump is Shera Bechard’s babydaddy, pure and simple. What facts we do have — other than the dog she had named Ellie — point to Donald J. Trump.

And yet.

We simply don’t know _anything_. Nothing. It’s like we’re rushing through a dark field at enormous speed and occasionally we rush past something without any context. It’s comical how one clear datapoint makes it obvious it was Broidy all along. That’s all we need. We need a picture of Broidy with Bechard. Something, anything to tie them together other than the NDA.

I’m honestly stumped. As of right this second, though, it definitely looks like this is all a big misunderstanding and I should just shut up. Until we get some new evidence one way or another, I guess I will continue to vacillate back and forth on who the babydaddy is.

Maybe it’s possible that Bechard really did just “asked around” and got referred to Davidson. Maybe that’s what really happened. And since Cohen and Davidson already had a relationship, it was a natural fit. Doesn’t make any sense at all logically, but I guess if you accept that Broidy was the babydaddy is has some sort of logic to it.

The issue is how thinly sourced the Wall Street Journal story was. They just said, “It happened, trust us.” What makes this different is, as best I can tell, no accomplishing iconic picture of Broidy with Bechard. We got nothing folks. Nothing other than Bechard and Broidy signed the NDA. That’s all we got. Nothing else.

I’m completely unable to process this cognitive dissonance. It’s driving me crazy that logic says one thing and yet what evidence I do have seems to lean towards it being Broidy. Bonkers folks.

I definitely need a stiff drink.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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