‘Ma! Ma! Where’s My Pa?” — #FOTUS Scandal Theory In Historical Perspective

by Shelton Bumgarner

Leave it to Grover Cleveland to give us the only scandal that would be equal to the #FOTUS Scandal if it were proven true. Maybe not “equal” as opposed to “similar.” Not even Cleveland had the damn child aborted while running on an insane anti-choice platform. Jesus.

Now, let me again stress that I don’t even know if any MSM organizations care enough about this theory to do the basic reporting of simply asking Playboy what it knows. As I keep saying, I just want the truth. And right now, I don’t have it. I have a weird story that makes no sense logically. I vacillate wildly during the course of an hour as to the validity of the #FOTUS theory.

Anyway, the story is according to this Website:

He (Cleveland) told his campaign managers to “tell the truth” – a mantra that he would always follow. And the truth was this: some years earlier, he had been acquainted with a widowed seamstress named Maria Halpin. Casual with her favors, Mrs. Halpin was also acquainted with several of Cleveland’s friends. When there was to be a child, Grover Cleveland volunteered to accept responsibility. While he was never sure of his paternity, he was the only bachelor amongst Maria’s intimates and did not wish to have his married friends embarrassed. He was also in a position to afford financial assistance – and even tried to set Mrs. Halpin up in a dressmaking business. Despite Cleveland’s monetary assistance, she proved to be an unfit mother, and when the boy was still small, Cleveland had him placed in suitable foster care. Some say he grew up to be a professional man; some say he died when he was a child. Nothing has ever been ascertained fully.

This is all rather quaint now, of course, but he’s definitely not the only president to be accused of fathering a kid under dubious circumstances. Big man on campus Bill Clinton alledgly has at least one kid outside of his marriage to Hillary Clinton. This rumor was famously a plot point in Primary Colors.

The #FOTUS scandal, if it’s real, would rock Washington like a nuclear bomb for at least, maybe a day? I mean, if Donald J. Trump can becomes president of the United States after the Access Hollywood Tape, I give up, bruh. If you could prove Trump through Micheal Cohen pressured Shera Bechard to have an abortion that might give someone, somewhere pause for thought.


It’s driving me crazy that I can’t just call up someone at Playboy myself and settle this once and for all. But I have to be patient. I think our best bet is sometime in the next week or so, New York Magazine will do a follow up story that says, “People asked around and it checks out — Elliot Broidy is the babydaddy.”

Meanwhile, here is what we know and don’t know at this point.

1. Why did Shera Bechard pick Keith Davidson to represent her?
It has been suggested that she just “asked around” and someone mentioned Keith Davidson. The only way you can believe that is if Davdison is like the go-to guy for women in Bechard’s situation. You would have to believe that this is independent of his connection to two other women directly connected to Donald Trump. If you prove that Davidson in this specific incidence was just a right-time right-place kind of guy, then you get a lot closer to the truth.

2. Why did Trump give Elliot Broidy what he craved — direct access to the White House the day after the first installment of Bechard’s $1.6 million pay off was deposited in her bank account?
If that’s just random happenstance, then, ok, there you go, it’s more likely Broidy was the babydaddy.

3. What was Bechard’s state of mind at the time of her abortion?
We know she was pretty chill about it, at least at one point, so why get an abortion at all? Doesn’t it sound like Trump — who is known to raw dog lovers — to look up from his paperwork and snap at Michael Cohen to “fix it” and go back to tweeting and eating his cheeseburger?

4. How complicit is Playboy in all of this?
Does Playboy know anything? And if they do, what? Seems like that would be the quickest, easiest way to answer the question of the babydaddy once and for all. If Broidy is the father, then Playboy could easily prove it. If Trump is the father, then, well, there you go. You got yourself the biggest Trump news since the Access Hollywood Tape.

I just want to know one way or another. That’s it. Just give me more evidence that Broidy and Bechard know each other beyond that which is needed to draw up an NDA.

Here are additional questions and situations.

What We Know
We know Bechard had an affair with someone between late 2015 and late 2017.
We know that Trump’s schedule and Bechard’s Instagram placed him in proximity (NYC) to Bechard in the mid-to-late September 2017 timeframe.

We know a child was conceived around mid-to-late September of 2017 and later aborted.
We know Trump has, at least once, “raw dogged” with a woman he was having and affair with (Stormy Daniels.)
We have photographic evidence on Instagram that Bechard was at least outward ok with being pregnant at some point.
We know Bechard at one point had a dog named Ellie.

We know Bechard at some point was referred to Keith Davidson.
— Davidson was the lawyer who represented two other women who signed NDAs with Trump.
We know Broidy used Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer to represent him.
We know Bechard got $1.6 million (hardly Stormy Daniels’ ‘nuisance” money.)
We know Broidy was actively seeking access to the Trump Adminstration about this time in the guise of various Arab states.
We know that the day after the first installment of the $1.6 million to Bechard, Broidy gained access to Trump directly.
We know Bechard is interested in the #MeToo movement.

What We Don’t Know.
Anything to do with Trump directly being connected to Bechard other than Cohen and Davidson.
Anything to do with Broidy being directly connected to Bechard other than the NDA, Davidson and Cohen.
Anything in cold hard fact terms about Bechard’s exact state of mind at the time of the abortion.
— Was there a direct quid pro quo?
Anything about how many Playboy Bunnies (Playboy itself?) knew anything about an affair with either Broidy or Trump.

In fact, we have no evidence that Broidy even knows Bechard other than the things directly connected to the NDA.

Outstanding questions:
How come $1.6 million from Broidy of all people? He’s a rando. Why would he give a shit. Or why would he give $1.6 million worth of shit.
How could Donald J. Trump bang Bechard while also running for president and being in the Oval Office.
How could all of this be kept secret if Trump was the babydaddy? Is that proof that it didn’t happen?
How did the WSJ learn of the affair? Why did Bechard’s name only come out later in the day once the story broke?

Existential Questions
Why no comment from Peter K. Stris, Bechard’s lawyer?
Why no comment from Cooper Hefner?
Will it even matter if we prove it was Trump? Is there nothing that will ever hurt him politically, especially on the character side. He would not have done anything illegal and he can just keep babbling about the “Criminal Deep State” and “Spygate” while liberals burst into flames over the hypocrisy of a otherwise “pro-life” president.

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