#FOTUS: Minority Report. — Ritual of Chüd

by Shelton Bumgarner

Elliot Broidy is rich. Shera Bechard was pregnant. End of story.

In late 2017 Shera Bechard learned she was pregnant. I have the utmost compassion and empathy for Ms. Bechard. In her youth she was a gorgeous woman and though faded, she remains attractive. She makes do the best way she can through her looks and connections. Let’s accept that she was casually referred to Keith Davidson in Beverly Hills because he had established a reputation through the Stormy Daniels and, more importantly Karen McDougal, NDA agreements. That holds water. That’s credible.

But then something happens.

This is the moment you have to look at the scenario critically.

From the moment Broidy gets off the phone with Davidson what does he do. Does he flip through his contacts and find a established, well-respected lawyer in LA to settle this issue as quickly and as cheaply as possible? He’s a wealthy, respected individual in the highest circles of LA Republican society and he has 100s, maybe 1,000s of lawyers who would be quite pleased to fix this little problem as privately, quickly and cheaply as possible.

If I’m Broidy, I break the bad news to my wife. I expect her to freak the fuck out. Talk about a divorce. Throw things. Break things. Now, maybe that happened. Maybe it didn’t.

We’re rushing into the Big Black Void. This is where we zoom by Alex Jones at light speed and we are soon in front of an enormous spider who knows the truth of what happened. What do we learn?

I believe it’s all a lie. Everyone is lying.

The reason why I believe this is two key pings from the Big Black Void.

Broidy out of the blue picks Michael Cohen to represent him. He goes all the way to New York City and he doesn’t just pick any New York lawyer, he picks a guy who went to the worst law school in America. He picks one half of the malevolent creature TrumpCohen of the Big Black Void — Michael Cohen.

Ok, you say, so what. Davidson is tight with Cohen and Broidy knew Cohen through the RNC. (As I understand it.) If this is just Cohen’s side hustle of access to the president, why is Bechard even involved at all. It’s Cohen who wants to pocked million for access to the president. Why would he out of the kindness of his heart fix a babydaddy issue of Broidy randomly, give the money to some “dumb broad” and then give Broidy extremely valuable access to the White House.

If this is a babydaddy issue wouldn’t Davidson and TrumpCohen have a vested interest in helping their good buddy Broidy lowball Bechard down to something a little bit more palatable? The “He was rich. She was pregnant” explanation would mean something a little bit closer to maybe $500,000 for Bechard and $500,000 annuity for the child. Not only does that save Broidy $600,000 which even Rudy couldn’t dismiss as “nuisance” money, the child comes to term and Broidy doesn’t look like a big old hypocrite if this story comes out.  We know Davidson and TrumpCohen are really, really tight. So tight that they’re literally partners in crime. We have proof of them emailing each other things they shouldn’t be emailing.

Given these cold hard facts about the individuals involved, I have no choice but to believe Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, got Shera Bechard pregnant and in conjunction with his personal lawyer Michael Cohen conspired to hide the affair and end a politically damaging pregnancy for free (from his point of view) by giving Elliot Broidy direct access to the president for Arabs willing to give Broidy 10 times the $1.6 million figure.

Now, just because I believe it, doesn’t mean it’s true. That’s for smarter, better educated reporters to discover the facts. I thought you could answer this question pretty easily by finding out if anyone knew if Elliot Broidy was dating Shera Bechard between 2015 and 2017. Not to sound like a dick, but what if part of the plausible deniability of this conspiracy is that Shera Bechard had at least some casual connection to Broidy in the first place. And, everyone has a vested interest in lying to protect not so much Broidy, but Bechard.

But even though this bright and shining lie is so bright it gives me a headache, I have no facts. Nothing. And so you would need a lucky break of some sort to find something out. So, I’m not going to say I’m going to shut up about this because it’s not my nature. This gives me something to talk about. But this should fade soon enough. My personal life is in flames and all I have is a well though-out theory.

Facts, at least at this point, say there’s no there there.

He was rich. She was pregnant.

End of story.

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Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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