Let’s Flip The Script (For The Time Being) — Trump & The Bonfire Of The Inanities

by Shelton Bumgarner

As I have written about at great length, I’m working on a scifi novel. While I’ve been developing it in my mind for about 7 years now, only in the last few months have I been hard at work developing it in any real way. Now that I realize what the story is about — and the characters — I realize do to the story justice I have to go in directions I’m not quite prepared to go.

As such, I think I’m going to cool it on that front for a little bit. I know I want to tell a story, I just don’t know if the scifi concept is THE story I want to tell right now. Anyway, I have a vague notion of a novel concept that is much more personal and easy to write — I think. But it’s really gauzy and muddled at this point and I would definitely have to do a lot of thinking and developing of the concept AGAIN before I sat down to do a scene summary.

But it’s worth a try. I’ve been doing pretty much nothing the last few days and it’s time to be productive. I may bounce back and forth between the scifi concept and this new concept simply to keep myself interested, if no nothing else. But the new concept is probably going to be inspired by — not based upon — the FOTUS imbroglio of Trump – Bechard – Broidy. I have a general framework of the story at this point, I just have to flesh it out.

What I don’t want is the story to turn into some sort of Trump Era “Bonfire Of The Vanities.” That’s not my goal. I know I want to do a character study of sorts and do so in a way that only a 200,000 word novel affords. Anyway, I think I have things figured out. But I don’t know. It’s going to take a little while.

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