Radical Resistance, The Wittes Principle & Ending King Trump I’s Tyrannical Rule

by Shelton Bumgarner

It is self-evident that, to paraphrase Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes, but for his incompetence, Trump’s malevolence might be significantly more effective. As such, as part of Radical Resistance, we need some real talk.

In Trump, we’re dealing with a very American dictatorship. What the mad King Trump I wants is a “managed democracy” like Putin has in Russia. That’s Trump’s endgame. He wants to establish that so he can hand this new system off to a younger, more focused and ideological successor in 2024.

I honestly think that the only thing stopping King Trump I from going full Putin on us is, well, the American spirit. Americans, like the Romans of yore, aren’t too fond of dictators, tyrants or kings and so what is likely to happen is either we kind of drift into an elected dictatorship or sorts…or something REALLY surreal and dramatic happens.

Either the United States is torn apart ( peacefully or otherwise,) there’s a light tough coup by the military, we slowly drift into an actual theocratic, plutocratic autocratic elected dictorship…or something completely unprecedented happens.

Americans are notoriously chill relative to the populace of other nations. Since the Civil War, you can name just a very few occasions when the center was radicalized enough for there to be real change in any meaningful way. Off the top of my head, I can think of 1)Reconstruction 2) The Progressive Era 3)1919-1920 4)The Great Depression 5) World War II 5) The Rights Movement and 6) Vietnam.

So, it’s no real surprise that — especially given how well the economy is doing — King Trump I has been given an effective pass by the vast majority of the population. The average person is STILL more concerned with raising their kids, paying their mortgage and the next season of Game Of Thrones.

Hence, it’s highly unlikely that we’re going to meet our deadline of August 2019 to impeach Trump. It’s just not going to happen. And, as such, all the Blue Check Nattering Nabobs of Twitter will tell us rubes to shut up and let “the people decide” in 2020, instead of impeaching and convicting incompetent tyrant Trump whenever we finally get around to doing so.

But, as a daydream, I continue to wargame how you might meet that deadline. You could think up an app. The shutdown and No Deal Brexit might hit the economy as something of a perfect storm and, as such, Trump’s poll ratings MIGHT drift down to simply to flat Earthers and anti-vaxxers mouth breathers who aren’t self-aware enough to realize the long con that they’ve been duped by.

Also, I feel as though if we’re going to save the American Republic, the Resistance needs to begin to adopt the rules –or “new rules” — of the alt-Right. Fuck those guys. Why can’t we have an alt-Left Radical Resistance? Or, if nothing else, why can’t we at least begin to think in new, different ways should a tipping point arise when something truly extraordinary happens — say we impeach Trump, he gets convicted and…he won’t physically leave the Oval Office, but instead spends all day tweeting in a passive-aggressive manner.

It would be tragic if we lose our Republic simply because the fat cats got their tax cuts and were, like the German Industrialists of the 1930s, so content with the “booming economy” that they refused to use any of their plutocrat money to help the situation.

I guess I’m just really angry that the country I love is in limbo — and is being saved from true tyranny — simply because the avatar of stupid people is too incompetent to realize his tyrannical dreams.

It’s all very surreal. I guess, in my own way, I think we need a vanguard of the proletariat in the United States that would be ready to strike against Trump’s regime in a massively peaceful manner should the occasion arise. That’s where an app might come in handy. If we could have rolling, massive strikes around the country like May Day anti-war protest of 1971, then maybe, finally The Powers That Be in Washington might do something about King Trump I.

I can dream, can’t I. I don’t really expect anything to happen in time to prevent King Trump I from shepherding Sen. Tom Cotton to the presidency in 2024.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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