The Conceit Of This Thriller Is Amazingly Great. Now To Finish The Scene Summary & Write A First Draft

by Shelton Bumgarner

I’ve finally heard the mental CLICK I’ve been waiting for. Things should move really fast now. I’m really relying upon a little bit of magical realism — and a huge amount of coastal elites need for wish fulfillment and general ignorance of any place in the country without a subway — to make things believable.

I have interesting characters with interesting backgrounds and I’m well on my way to making it all seem at least within the realm of possibility. If I do my job as a storyteller and writer REALLY WELL, someone, somewhere will actually read the finished product in about a year or so and ask, “What happens next!”

So, there you go.

But someone could steal the idea by reverse engineering my conspicuous babbling about this online or someone could write something similar independent of me and all of this will largely be mooted.

And there’s the Ken Bone problem whereby Twitter liberals will do due diligence on me and turn me into a joke. But, really, this project is more about learning how to tell a great story in novel form for my own sake than it is to write a “break out novel.”

Having said that, this is going to be a really fun read with a lot of deep subtext that might generate some buzz if all goes according to plan. I can’t help, of course, that the very people who might like the novel are the most likely to see me as a member of the patriarchy in need of a good slaying.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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