Idle Rambling About Making This Novel Dwayne Johnson Bait & The Need For A Center-Right Hero

by Shelton Bumgarner

I’m generally pretty center-Left, despite my occasional rant about identity politics destroying everything, and as such it’s difficult for me to get outside my comfort zone and think up what this novel really needs at this point — for my Hero to be Brad Bird center-Right in his political orientation.

As of now, in the first draft, my Hero’s politics are pretty vague. In the second draft, however, I need to make it a lot more clear that he’s center-Right. If I were to do this properly — and there’s no assurance I will — I might be able to make the story a true “tentpole” and catch the attention of someone like Dwayne Johnson. Not that he’s center-Right, but many of his fans are.

I’ve said more than once that I want this to be a story that, while drenched in politics, one could actually read July 4th Weekend 2020 and it not even really register that how much ranting against MAGA — and extremism in general — was going on. Or, I could be kidding myself — this story is built from the ground up to be a proxy discussion about extremism in the Age of Trump.

But I really like Dwayne Johnson’s public persona and it would be fun to see if I could write a Hero that might catch his eye. My Hero — as opposed to my Heroine — originally was going to be a Walking Tall-type guy. But I got so wrapped up in fleshing out my center-Left Heroine, that I kind of lost sight of the need to make my Hero obviously center-Right. Because I hate, hate, HATE MAGA, I would have to, in effect, make my Hero kind of a good-olde-boy neverTrumper.

Or something like that.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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