Trump’s Worst Case Scenario Survival Playbook

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

The funny thing about Trump is he’s yet to face an external crisis. All his existential issues have been self-caused. He keeps shooting himself in the foot, in other words.

His latest self-own is his own sanity. Any other president would have the Mueller Report behind him and he would be safe to cruise into a second term. But this is Trump we’re talking about. So of course people would finally begin to notice that Trump is obviously not well mentally. So, let’s imagine the absolute worst case scenario for Trump. Let’s see what might happen.

The scenario begins with Trump having a formal press conference with some head of state sometime in his second term. Let’s say it’s August 2023. He’s ruined the economy, we’re a near politice state and the camps are in full force. In real terms, the only aspect of the old America we know is the free press. Or freedom of speech, at least. Otherwise, Trump’s vision of America is complete. Plutocrats run the country while the poor are sick and pay all the taxes the the rich feel is theft.

So there Trump is, talking, when he just out of the blue whips his dick out and starts to stroke it furiously. Right there, on TV in the middle of the afternoon. He finishes himself off and continues the press conference as if nothing has happen.

Now, I believe absolutely nothing would happen in the long term. There would be shock for about 24 hours, but then the Republican talking points would pop up. No one there saw it happen — even though CNN and MSNBC reporters keep talking about it. It’s a “deep fake” is what the talking points would say. Or whatever. There’s simply no way Trump would face any consequences. None. Zero.

That’s it guys. That’s our fate. And if Trump did finally face an crisis not of his own making, he would use it to suspend the Constitution and rule as a dictator. All of this is because Trump is an avatar for some deep and dark existential problems in modern America. It’s not like he’s going to lose re-election. And Tom Cotton will likely win in 2024.

I guess the point of this is I need some hope. Something concrete has to happen to give me some indication that for once the bad guys won’t win. I don’t see that happening. I think I’ll just keep working on my novel. That makes me feel better.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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