I Have High Hopes For Eva Victor

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

Editor’s Note: I’m drunk. In fact, if I wasn’t drunk I wouldn’t be writing this. Ms. Victor isn’t famous enough yet and is very young as such it’s easy for people to think I’m some sort of crazed middle-aged loser. While I may be a loser, I’m not crazed. Just think Ms. Victor is someone to keep an eye on.

It’s rare that you notice a star about to be born. Eva Victor is an example of this however. She has the skill set necessary to join the pantheon of superstars, given the right conditions. She definitely seems to been in tune with Millennials, and perhaps even Gen-Z.

Occasionally, there’s a changing of the guard in Hollywood. It doesn’t happen very often. Maybe once a generation. Sensibilities change and a new guard has to fill the gap. There are a handful of new stars who are in the wings to do just that — Ilana Glazer, Eva Victor and Phoebe Waller-Bridge among them.

One interesting thing about Ms. Victor is she’s very into oversharing. No aspect of her life is off limits. For an old guy like me, this can lead to the occasional eye-popping event on her social media feed. But Ms. Victor has “it.” She’s a star, it’s just a matter of the universe catching up. She already has a cult following on Twitter.

Regardless, I wish her well. I just hope she’s able to exploit her coming opportunities to the fullest extent possible.

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