Things Will Be Either Dark Or Surreal In 2020

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelt Garner

We have several different options ahead of us.

Trump is acquitted by the Senate. He runs on a platform of having been “vindicated” as well as the need for a “Constitutional Convention to pass a balanced budget amendment.” He bribes or doxxes Electors. He wins re-election through brazenly criminal and corrupt means. He is promptly impeached and convicted, but his new Veep (The Kooch, Kris Kobach, Tucker Carlson, Tom Cotton) picks up the mantel of a theocratic fascist white ethno-state and runs with it.

A combination of Trump being goaded into losing his shit by Nancy Pelosi and an abrupt economic downturn caused by the Jan. 31 exit of the UK from the EU is enough to push him out of office in a rather abrupt manner. Ivanka Trump becomes Pence’s Veep. Suddenly, because Trump’s in a mental ward somewhere, Republicans abruptly revert to their early 2016 political stance and we all look at each other in astonishment that they want us to ignore everything they’ve said and done for the last four years.

Which one will happen? I just don’t know.

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