Last Minute Election Predictions

by Shelt Garner

On a strictly political level, it seems as though Biden is in a very good position to have something of a landslide tomorrow. And, yet, there is my lingering fear that Trump didn’t remove 1/3 of our troops from Germany for no reason. He may have done it for the specific reason that he wants government sponsored Russian hackers to change votes in his favor.

I’m not optimistic.

If this doesn’t happen, then I will be completely flabbergasted. It will be inexplicable. Everything about both Trump’s native personality and his relationship to the Russians would indicate he didn’t just randomly decide to pull such a dick move on the Germans so close to the election.

One thing to remember is two things are careening towards each other — a political landslide for Biden and TrumpBarr’s total unwillingness to leave power without extracting a pound flesh. That’s a recipe for The Big Ugly because if Trump loses the Mandate of Heaven in a self-evident fashion and, yet, weirdly wins a second term, it’s very likely things are going to get bumpy pretty quick.

And that, in itself, may be the point. It may be that Trump really would rather destroy the United States than leave office — something I’ve been ranting about since he was elected.

What’s more, even if Trump is demonstrably trounced on Election Night, it’s very possible that’s just the beginning. TrumpBarr may go to ridiculous lengths to fight any Biden victory, even if they lose in a landslide. That, in turn, will, well, cause a massive shitshow, the likes of which we’ve not seen since 1860.

Among the things I fear are, massive violence that happens after Trump declares victory even though it’s self-evident he’s going to lose. TrumpBarr fucking with the certification of Electors — no matter what — so state legislatures name MAGA Electors instead of Biden Electors.

And, speaking of Electors, what House Trump wants is make things so muddled that SCOTUS rules that the MAGA legislatures of a significant number of battle ground states can name the Electors, no matter what. Or, put another way, Electors and their selection is the absolute weakness link in the Constitution. It’s easy to imagine a scenario where TrumpBarr win through violence and general ratfucking.

That, too, is a situation where there might be a civil war or revolution — The Big Ugly. So, in a sense, it’s possible that Election Night will be just the beginning of a very long, very painful episode in American political history that involves far more deaths than any of us could possibly imagine right now.

Or not.

What’s more, if, after a month or so Trump miraculously loses in the courts, we will then enter the “salt the earth on the way out” phase of things. Trump will pardon hundreds of his cronies — including Jared’s dad — and maybe even himself!

And, in the end, after he’s destroyed as much of the government as possible and ruined the Executive branch for a generation, Trump could very well leave the country around, say, January 10th and land in Moscow. He then quits and spends all his time with Russian hookers and telling Putin all of our secrets.

Prove me wrong, folks.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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