‘Lenin’s Sealed Train’

by Shelt Garner

I learned a lot about myself in Seoul. I know what I’m good — and bad — at. I’m a good organizer and good at articulating ideals. I have a very broadcast type personality. But I have a huge weakness — I need help persuading anyone. In short, I have no friends and no one likes me.

Annie Shapiro and me way back when in Seoul.

But I know that under the right circumstances, I have the skillset to do Something Great. At the moment, that Something Great is writing developing and writing six novels between now and whenever I shuffle off this mortal coil. Yet there is also the possibility that should the US go tits up as part of a Second American Civil War that the finger of God will point at me.

I’m being extremely speculative — and egotistical — but given the chance, I think there’s a fairly decent chance that I might rise to the occasion and do something Historic with my life. I usually excel in chaos, as my time in Seoul as expat attests.

I think way too much about this, in fact.

I wonder if it’s still possible for me, being the big old loser that I am, to be a Child of the Revolution. Or, put another way, if I’m ever going to live up to my expectations for myself, something pretty astonishing would have to happen one way or another. And a Second American Civil War would definitely fit the bill on that front.

I always though of myself as more of a Trotsky.

As I’ve said, if there is some sort of “national divorce” I’m heading north. It could be a lot of fun living in revolutionary New York City that might spring up as part of a Second American Civil War.

Then I think about how no one likes me and I have no friends. The only reason why I got to have such an interesting experience in Seoul way back when was I had a partner, Annie Shapiro, who was able to get people to listen to me.

Anyway, I guess we’ll know soon enough, huh. It could be as soon as January 2023 if we’re going to have a civil war or not. It could happen that soon, of course, if Trump becomes speaker and personally demands that Red States leave the Union in an effort to put pressure on the Senate to convict both Biden and Harris.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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