Is Cara Delevingne Ok?

by Shelt Garner

Almost no one looks at this Website. Yes, I have a few stalkers and there’s a steady trickle of people interested in my dystopian political hellscapes about autocracy or civil war in the United States, but, in general, I’m living in oblivion as is my writing.

Cara Delevingne

Meanwhile, I’m obsessed with my Webstats. And the last few hours I’ve noticed a few pings from NYC, of all places, about my blog post expressing concern about Cara Delevingne’s erratic behavior.

It makes me wonder. Is she acting so weird in NYC that other people are worried about her and searching for posts about it? Both people came to this site via a Twitter link, so they must have searched something about Delevingne that led them to my site.

Anyway, I have no idea. In my “research” for this post I noticed some crazy person on Twitter has been tweeting manically about Delevingne this evening. It’s very creepy! And Delevingne was on Live with Kelly and Ryan recently and she just couldn’t keep still. She was very frantic.

I have no idea. She’s a very talent and beautiful woman. I hope she’s ok.

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