Time To Take a Deep Breath

by Shelt Garner

If I don’t hurry up, I’m going to wake up and it will be July 4th and I will STILL be struggling with the third draft of this novel. As such, I need to really focus on giving my life some structure and to really buckle down and get this thing done as quickly as possible.

The president of Hollywood.

I also need to read and watch more — and develop back up stories more — in the coming days. I can’t keep just, in general, drifting towards my goal. I can’t keep doing that. It’s extremely unproductive and all it does is punt a lot of creativity down the road into an uncertain — to say the least — future.

I have a number of really interesting ideas to flesh out with the novel. Part of the brief pause I’m doing with this novel at the moment is how much I have to rethink the “Fun & Games” part of the story — the first part of the second act. I have changed so much of the first act that there are a lot of elements I have to change in the Fun & Games part of the novel to accommodate those changes.

So, for the next day or so, I think I’m going to stare out into space and think about how to accommodate all the changes I’ve done to the first act. And when I’m not doing THAT, I’m going to read and watch TV and movies.

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