The Texas Border Kerfuffle: There’s A Difference Between The Legal & The Political

by Shelt Garner

Well, I got that wrong. I got myself all worked up about what is going on in Texas, only to today realize that Texas Gov. Abbott isn’t “defying” anything. He’s sucking his own political cock, yes, but he’s just continuing to do what he was doing before — putting up barbwire on the Texas border with Mexico.

The legal injunction was against the Feds, who were — and still are — cutting down the barbwire that Gov. Abbott has been putting up.

But there’s a big difference between the legal and political in this case. The US is so divided in a hyper partisan way that MAGA chodes are chomping at the bit to find some reason to act like they can “hold the line” against the Federal governent.

This is all a very, very dangerous situation because of that confusion between the political and the legal.

While I still think Biden should nationalize the Texas National Guard just to prove a point, there is a risk that doing something so drastic would only make a very dumb situation far, far worse on a * political* basis.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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