A Spoiler Review Of The Movie ‘Civil War’

by Shelt Garner


The interesting thing about the movie Civil War is how hard it works not to take a position on who the “good guys” are in the scenario it presents. And, yet, it does kind of slip up at one point when it gives us a bit of exposition about the current president of the United States.

The key element is the president “abolished the FBI.” That is very curious because that is definitely something that Trump rants about a lot. That is a very MAGA thing for a president to want to do. As such, I think it’s safe to say that the POTUS in Civil War is something of a proxy for Donald Trump.

Which makes on wonder if it’s possible that MAGA may latch on to this element of the story and flip the fuck out. It seems to me that the more popular the movie becomes, the more likely there is a chance for an angry MAGA reaction to the movie.

It is interesting how divisive this movie has become on social media. It makes you wonder what people were expecting. I really liked the movie — despite some obvious flaws — and I think it did a good job of puncturing some of the jingoistic, overwrought MAGA rhetoric about the need for a Second American Civil War.

I continue to believe that there is a chance the movie will be popular enough and culturally significant enough that it will begin to generate some significant Oscar buzz.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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