V-Log: Idle Rambling About New York City

by Shelton Bumgarner

Just idle rambling about New York City.

V-Log: Idle #FOTUS Chat

by Shelton Bumgarner

Just me rambling about the #FOTUS theory.

#FOTUS: Gimmie Some Truth ( Dramatis Personae )

by Shelton Bumgarner

Let’s go down the list of the individuals involved in this theory.

1. Shera Bechard
She’s a former Playboy model who bounces back and forth between LA and NYC. The origin of her income is nebulous. Alledgly between 2015 and 2017 she has an affair with Elliot Broidy. The baby was conceived sometime in September. Don’t know when it was aborted. We don’t even know beyond a few shreds of information that she even knows Broidy. No proof exists as of this moment of any romantic relationship between the two. She signed an NDA with Broidy for $1.6 million. She’s gotten the first check or two and is out somewhere drinking margaritas in a string bikini.

2. Elliot Broidy
Broidy is a big time Republican money and access guy. Lives in LA. Has a loving wife and also apparently bounces back and forth between the West and East Coasts. We don’t know where he was in September. He got in trouble recently for selling access to the White House to Arabs and even maybe influencing policy that way. A huge thing of his emails was leaked recently as well. He and Michael Cohen are connected through the RNA as I understand it.

3. Michael Cohen
Cohen is so tight to Trump that you could see them as one thing — TrumpCohen. Cohen has one client and one client only, Donald Trump. Now, the argument could be made that Broidy picked Cohen because he trusted him and wanted to keep the NDA with Bechard absolutely secret. But that doesn’t explain how quickly the story popped out when Cohen’s office was raided nor the enormous $1.6 million NDA payoff. My thinking is if Cohen, Bechard’s lawyer — and Cohen best bud — Keith Davidson were all in cohoots because they knew each other so well, they would have ever reason to screw Bechard over money-wise. That $1.6 million is an eye opener for a babydaddy issue, but not so much for an access payment and personal favor to the president.

4. Keith Davidson
Davidson is best buds with Cohen. How Bechard picked him of all people given that he had represented two other women in NDA agreements with Trump through Cohen is a matter of debate. You could say Davidson is the go-to guy in Beverly Hills for that, who knows. Davidson and Cohen are so tight that they email things to each other that they’re not supposed to. So if they were working with Broidy to wrapped up a babydaddy issue up, they had means, motive and opportunity to lowball Bechard down significantly. But they don’t.

5. Donald Trump
President of the United States. We have no proof that he knows Bechard, but he was in general proximity to her at the time of conception. Of all the people involved, Trump has the most to lose if he’s the babydaddy and he could get rid of the problem for free relative to his situation. Someone else — Broidy — foots the bill in exchange for being the fall guy for access to the White House.

I am prepared to say that this is gross misinterpretation of the facts but for one thing — the $1.6 million pay off. That’s a lot of money to solve a babydaddy issue, but not a lot to gain access to the White House so you can peddle it to extremely wealthy Arabs.

#FOTUS: All The President’s Hens

By Shelton Bumgarner

Just call me Martha Mitchell.

She was nuts and she was telling the truth. They even named a syndrome after her.

Ok. Broidy was rich. Bechard was pregnant. End of story.

But explain that $1.6 million pay off to me. That’s just weird. That’s odd. Everything else you can rationalize out of existence. Everything else can be a figment of my deranged drunk mind. But that datapoint pops out. That’s an enormous sum for a babydaddy issue.

Trump paid Story Daniels $130,000 right before an election to shut up about one raw dog event. That story coming out could have cost him the election. He would be just a failed presidential candidate ranting on Twitter at this point if that story had come out. So you’re telling me that given all the connection to Trump that Broidy — a nobody in real terms — would pay out $1.6 million simply to get rid of a babydaddy issue.

I don’t believe. I just don’t believe it.

Give me proof that’s the going rate for a babydaddy situation in LA/NYC and I’ll walk away. I’ll be happy. That $1.6 million lie is out there, dancing naked.

#FOTUS: My Baby’s Got A Fetus And The Wall Street Journal Has Some Splain’ To Do

by Shelton Bumgarner

Alright, I’ll give you this argument — Broidy picked Cohen because he knew him from the RNC and he knew Cohen was a fixer. Alright, that works. Great logic.

But there are at least two, maybe three issues with this airtight logic.

1. Weird how Shera Bechard would pick Cohen buddy Keith Davidson to represent HER.
2. The issue of the $1.6 million payoff.
3. How easily the story came out.

If you’re Broidy and you’re really, really $1.6 million worth of freak out about someone learning about the affair with Bechard and baby, how come that story popped out right after Cohen’s office was raided. They wanted to get ahead of the story, yes, but is that it? Really? Broidy is prepared to spend $1.6 million in secret to make sure nobody ever learns of his sinful ways and the abruptly the whole thing pops out of the dark. What’s more Bechard’s name pops out, too. And it happened in The Wall Street Journal, a very sympathetic paper for the Trump Administration if ever there was one.

Who spilled the beans and why?

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V-Log — #FOTUS: He Was Rich. She Was Pregnant. End Of Story (Contemplating $1.6 Million)

by Shelton Bumgarner

I don’t know folks. Unless something big happens, I’m about to wrap this one up. The closest I can come to how it was Elliot Broidy who is Shera Bechard’s babydaddy is described in the below video. All I gotta say is, for dodgy lawyers who know each other really well, Keith Davidson and Michael Cohen sure were generous to Shera Becard.

#FOTUS: ‘Garp Bit Bonkers!’

by Shelton Bumgarner

He was rich. She was pregnant. End of story.

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#FOTUS: Minority Report. — Ritual of Chüd

by Shelton Bumgarner

Elliot Broidy is rich. Shera Bechard was pregnant. End of story.

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#FOTUS: Elliot Broidy Was Shera Bechard’s Babydaddy, End Of Story (And, Yet….)

by Shelton Bumgarner

Elliot Broidy is rich. Shera Bechard was pregnant. End of story.

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#FOTUS Codex: $1.6 Million Reasons

by Shelton Bumgarner

I have decided that Elliot Broidy is the babydaddy. He’s Shera Bechard’s babydaddy. He was rich, she was pregnant and that’s it. Having said that, I can’t in good faith not note the $1.6 million payoff figure. Let’s look at it this way:

Keith Davidson and Michael Cohen are best buds and literal partners in crime.
Elliot Broidy is wealthy but compared to Donald Trump a nobody.
Broidy’s wife is obviously pretty chill about this situation.
Donald Trump as president has a lot more reason to get Broidy to be the fall guy for access at $1.6 million than Broidy does simply to pay Bechard off to go away.
Trump has no reason to even pay Broidy back because it’s about access.
It can’t be an access side hustle for Cohen because he wouldn’t have gotten any money for access.

But everything else tells me it’s Broidy. No one is looking at this Website and beyond the New York Magazine guy there doesn’t seem to be an active investigation at all. That leads me to believe the powers that be have answered this question — it’s Broidy — and they don’t care.

So that’s that. It’s over. The end.