#FOTUS: A Deepdive Into The Shera Bechard — Keith Davidson Spookiness

by Shelton Bumgarner

Let me put some context to all of this before I begin. I’m extremely bored and broke and have nothing better to do than write about something that’s obviously a dead end because, well, everyone who purports to know the truth tells me flatly that Elliot Broidy got Shera Bechard pregnant, paid her $1.6 million to shut up about it and that, as they say, is that. Or as someone smart recently told me, “Broidy is the fucking babydaddy.”

Having said all that, let’s begin.

The story is Shera Bechard at some point in late-ish 2017 discovered that she was pregnant by her rich, fat fuck lover Elliot Broidy. She asked around Beverly Hills and a friend casually, randomly and completely without any connection to Donald J. Trump referred her the services of Keith Davidson. This is spooky because Davidson had represented two other women in the recent past on NDA agreements against none other than Donald Trump’s personal fixer Michael Cohen.

The argument is that given the limited number of lawyers in Beverly Hills who did the specific type of work that Davidson was known for, it was almost inevitable that Bechard’s friend would refer him to her. If only a handful of the hundreds — hundreds! — of lawyers in Beverly Hills had done the type of work Davidson was known for, then it’s not even spooky. It’s easily explainable and shut up you obsessed freak. Davidson in the small, small circles that Bechard traveled would be the go-to guy for someone in Bechard’s situation in Beverly Hills.

Ok, I can accept that.

I just like mulling the nuance of this situation. Every day, it seems we learn how excruciatingly tight Michael Cohen and Keith Davidson are. You can debate how nefarious their relationship is, but things get kind of spooky when you propose that Bechard picking Davidson and Broidy picking Cohen happened completely independent of each other. It was just random that Broidy and Bechard would pick two men who knew each other so well representing women in cases involving Donald J. Trump. My mom was fond of saying, “You take yourself wherever you go.” I doesn’t even graduate to the level of suspicious that these characters just happened to get involved independent of each other, but it is at least mildly spooky.

The thing that bothers me the most about all of this is Bechard has no reason to lie if instead of a random friend referring her to Davidson is was Broidy, Cohen or some combination of the two. Everyone keeps telling me that Broidy was the “fucking” babydaddy and Trump, for once, just happened to be the victim of a spooky, unfortunate set of coincidences. So if everyone who knows what really happened says it was Broidy, we have to accept, I guess, that it was just a glitch in the matrix that Bechard would pick not only one of the sketchier lawyers in Beverly Hills, but a guy known to get involved in murky — to say the least — shenanigans with his best bud Michael Cohen.

On a side note, I still find is of note to observe that once you establish that Bechard randomly picked Davidson independently of Broidy picking Cohen that you have another little issue that obviously is just white noise. It’s just me looking at the grassy knoll and seeing a guy with a rifle when it’s just a smudge. That issue is the one of the $1.6 million NDA payoff. Now, if you wanted to be unkind and unnecessarily speculative, you would say that given the characters involved, wouldn’t Davidson and Cohen have the means, motive and opportunity to lowball the “dumb broad” Bechard when it came to the payout price? We know for a fact that Davidson is known to, uh, not have the best interests of his clients at heart when dealing with Michael Cohen and Donald Trump so it makes me think when they were negotiating the $1.6 million they might have it within their means to screw Bechard over.

But they didn’t.

I don’t care how wealthy you are, $1.6 million isn’t “nuisance money.” That’s a pound of flesh.

You could speculate — in a completely unfounded manner — that $1.6 million is a fair market price (or below) for a quid pro quo of cash for an abortion. But we simply don’t know Bechard state of mind at the time of her abortion, so you can’t really use that speculation — and that’s all it is — as any proof of anything.

I am, reminded, however, of the parable of the scorpion and the frog. As you may recall, the scorpion tells the frog that he needs to cross a river. When the frog — his mortal enemy — says the scorpion will kill him if he does so, the scorpion says he would never do that because he can’t swim and they both will die. Of course, at the of the tale, the scorpion stabs the frog and as they both fall into the water, the frog screams out, ‘Why did you do that? Now we’ll both die.”

“I couldn’t help myself,” says the scorpion. “It’s my nature.”

One last thing, which might mean something or nothing. I observe that the planet Neptune was discovered mathematically before it was actually discovered because scientists knew something was influencing the planets out there, they just couldn’t see it. All I’m saying is, given the spooky nature of some of the aspects of the Broidy — Bechard event, I can only look into the big black void of space and say that Planet Trump should be out there, somewhere, influencing events.

But I’m wrong.

Broidy was rich.
Bechard was pregnant.

End of story.

The Shera Bechard — Keith Davidson Spookiness Really Bothers Me

by Shelton Bumgarner

Now, I’m not casting any aspersions on Shera Bechard. Everything I know says Elliot Broidy got her pregnant and paid her $1.6 million as part of an NDA agreement. She decided to have an abortion. That’s what happened.

But there’s something that just bothers me. As I keep saying, there’s no conspiracy, nothing suspicious, nothing going on. But the spookiness of her casually, randomly being referred Keith Davidson as a her lawyer really bothers me. It is an odd “writer’s convenience.” Or put another way, if it was a lie — which it isn’t — it’s an unnecessary one given that I’ve decided to about 98% that Broidy was the father and was that was that.

Why lie?

I mean, even if what really happened was Broidy found out Bechard was pregnant, then first met Cohen then they, in turn, turned around and set her up with Davidson, not only does that make more sense, it puts to rest any continued, unfounded idle speculation that POTUS might be involved.

But there’s no active investigation. Everyone who has looked into it says there’s no there there. So, really, I’m just mentally masturbating. It’s just one of those odd, spooky things that happened occasionally that you just can’t explain.

#FOTUS: Shera Bechard’s Dead Cat Bounce

by Shelton Bumgarner

This mystery is over. I figured out and I’m content. Elliot Broidy knew Michael Cohen to be a trustworthy fixer close to the president and he wanted to wrap up this babydaddy problem as privately and a quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Shera Bechard was randomly, casually referred Cohen’s best bud Keith Davidson. What I thought was fallguy / access money was, in fact simply fair market money for an abortion. The only reason why this story popped out at all was Michael Cohen’s offices got raided and Broidy and Cohen wanted to get ahead of the story.

The end.

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#FOTUS: Elliot Broidy Was Shera Bechard’s Babydaddy, End Of Story (And, Yet….)

by Shelton Bumgarner

Elliot Broidy is rich. Shera Bechard was pregnant. End of story.

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#FOTUS Scandal Theory: The Question Of Elliot Broidy As Fall Guy

by Shelton Bumgarner

Now that the Memorial Day weekend is over, let’s get down to business.

One thing I don’t know is the reasoning behind Trump and Cohen picking Elliot Broidy as a fall guy, if he is, in fact, the fall guy. And what was Broidy’s real connection to Shera Bechard. Seems like if you can come up with some reasonable theory explaining those two things you’re getting a lot closer to explaining what happened in late 2017.

My first gut reaction is one of two things happened once Bechard missed a period and finally got around to telling Trump a few months later. Either TrumpCohen panicked and grabbed someone who already was pestering them for access — Broidy — or there was more going on. Broidy could have already have known Bechard and it was logical from their point of view that Broidy would be willing to take the fall for $1.6 million and access to the White House. I say this only because we know Broidy used his sudden access to the White House to instantly turn around and peddle influence to Arab states for I think figure in the $100 million or more range.

Let me be clear that I’m pretty much just wondering a big black void without my glasses on. I have no context for what I’m talking about. Nothing. I don’t know anything, I’m just obsessing about all of this because of cognitive dissidence.

As I keep saying, if I had a corkboard of the scandal on a wall, I would have a big red circle around Playboy. You get Playboy to crack or help out in any investigation and you wrap this up pretty quick. They must know on a institutional level who Ms. Bechard was dating between 2015 and 2017. They must know on a casual, informal level if she was hanging out with Broidy. And they would give you some hint as to the thinking of TrumpCohen when they picked Broidy to be the fall guy.

If you can blow the cover of TrumpCohen and figure out their reasoning in picking Broidy, then you’ve walked through the first gate, to use a Ready Player One reference.

V-Log: A Deepdive Into FOTUS Affair Events In Late 2017

by Shelton Bumgarner

I have all but decided that I’ve made a fool out of myself in a very conspicuous manner and that Elliot Broidy is Shera Bechard’s babydaddy and I need to shut up. But my subconscious mind has decided its Donald Trump for some reason, so I keep talking about it.

Let’s get down to the cold hard facts and logic of what’s going on.

What We Know
We know Bechard had an affair with someone between late 2015 and late 2017.
We know that Trump’s schedule and Bechard’s Instagram placed him in proximity (NYC) to Bechard in the mid-to-late September 2017 timeframe.

We know a child was conceived around mid-to-late September of 2017 and later aborted.
We know Trump has, at least once, “raw dogged” with a woman he was having and affair with (Stormy Daniels.)
We have photographic evidence on Instagram that Bechard was at least outward ok with being pregnant at some point.
We know Bechard at one point had a dog named Ellie.

We know Bechard at some point was referred to Keith Davidson.
— Davidson was the lawyer who represented two other women who signed NDAs with Trump.
We know Broidy used Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer to represent him.

We know Bechard got $1.6 million (hardly Stormy Daniels’ ‘nuisance” money.)
We know Broidy was actively seeking access to the Trump Adminstration about this time in the guise of various Arab states.

We know that the day after the first installment of the $1.6 million to Bechard, Broidy gained access to Trump directly.
We know Bechard is interested in the #MeToo movement.

What We Don’t Know.
Anything to do with Trump directly being connected to Bechard other than Cohen and Davidson.
Anything to do with Broidy being directly connected to Bechard other than the NDA, Davidson and Cohen.
Anything in cold hard fact terms about Bechard’s exact state of mind at the time of the abortion.
— Was there a direct quid pro quo?
Anything about how many Playboy Bunnies (Playboy itself?) knew anything about an affair with either Broidy or Trump.

In fact, we have no evidence that Broidy even knows Bechard other than the things directly connected to the NDA.

Outstanding questions:
How come $1.6 million from Broidy of all people? He’s a rando. Why would he give a shit. Or why would he give $1.6 million worth of shit.
How could Donald J. Trump bang Bechard while also running for president and being in the Oval Office.
How could all of this be kept secret if Trump was the babydaddy? Is that proof that it didn’t happen?
How did the WSJ learn of the affair? Why did Bechard’s name only come out later in the day once the story broke?

Existential Questions
Why no comment from Peter K. Stris, Bechard’s lawyer?
Why no comment from Cooper Hefner?
Will it even matter if we prove it was Trump? Is there nothing that will ever hurt him politically, especially on the character side. He would not have done anything illegal and he can just keep babbling about the “Criminal Deep State” and “Spygate” while liberals burst into flames over the hypocrisy of a otherwise “pro-life” president.

A Deep Dive Into Evidence Trump Was Shera Bechard’s Baby Daddy

by Shelton Bumgarner

Honestly, my continued interest in this theory is moot. Trump is getting better at the autocrat shtick and any endgame for this investigation in which we “prove” Trump was Shera Bechard’s baby daddy is not going to do what I want it to do: bring down the Trump Administration.

If anything, it will simply make American political life more corrosive than it already is, with libtards like me screaming at the top of our lungs that Trump’s a hypocrite, while his supporters will hunker down for a extended fight whereby the simply want to run out the clock so they can start thinking about 2020, 2024 and ultimately Trump’s successor.

But having said all that, let’s just for fun do another deep dive into the evidence we have that Trump raw dogged Bechard, resulting in her pregnancy that she later terminated.

What started all of this was debate on Reddit that eventually jumped to the pages of New York Magazine. I initially had some confusion over when the affair was supposed to have happened, but when I realized it was 2015-2017, I started to get really interested really fast. This is because it means Trump would have had conceived the fetus with Bechard while he was in office.

Now, let me stress that I am not really doing much of the work. My friend is and I’m just his hype man. But let’s walk through the evidence he has of this and try to rehash some analysis one last time. At least, that is, until something breaks and either makes this prescience, or comical. The evidence my friend found on social media is
extremely tentative, extremely circumstantial evidence that if does not prove the affair at least provides some evidence that it was at least possible.

The above imagine gives us at least some indication that Bechard was floating around NYC during the period of time the affair was alleged to have begun. It allegedly began sometime in mid-to-late 2015 when Trump was making his transition from Right wing celebrity Twitter troll to serious presidential candidate. A little later, Bechard shows up again at a Trump branded property in NYC.

That she was in NYC about this time come very well mean nothing. NYC is a enormous city and just because two people are in proximity to each other, doesn’t mean they’re actually, you know, doing it. And, yet, this is Trump we’re talking about. But here is some more evidence that, if nothing else, at least these two potential love birds were near each other.

This next image is significant because though we don’t know for sure when she was due had she carried the fetus to term, it definitely is about the time she would have needed to have been near Trump for him to be the baby daddy. I suggest you take a look at this image and keep in the back of your mind as events progress. If somehow magically we learn that Trump is the baby daddy, this is one of those datapoints where we will look at each other and go, “Wow!” If it’s Broidy, the, well, meh. We simply whipped ourselves into a frenzy over nothing.

Bechard is Trump’s type — a hot blonde — and so it does give one pause for thought from a logic standpoint. Broidy is a long-time resident of LA and compared to Trump not only a rando, but something of a fat fuck. (I’m not fat shaming him, but it is amusing how hefty Broidy is, even though Trump is not exactly svelte himself.) Take a look at this comparison of women and it definitely seems as though Trump would be digging Bechard if they ever met.

Again, let me stress that one datapoint connecting Bechard to Broidy, and all of this is comical. All of this is moot. So please take this with a grain of salt, at least for now. This could easily fade as quickly as it popped up and I’ll just use this to entertain myself while I’m rotting away inside a Trump-branded concentration camp. So, now is where we enter into some nebulous aspects of this theory in an already nebulous theory to begin with.

So, the above is a datapoint which either is us way, way overthinking things or some insight into her mind. Is this someone upset over a perceived threat to a lover, or just the general outrage that a lot of people felt at the time?

Ok, now we get to a serious issue: what was Shera Bechard’s mindset at the time of the abortion? What the WSJ and their ilk want us to believe is, “You know, broads. Always getting pregnant and then wanting $1.6 million to shut up and go away.” But what if that wasn’t the case at all? What if she was chill to having a baby and only had an abortion as part of a quid pro quo between herself and Trump? Now, it’s my impression that the NDA gives Trump people some wiggle room. But what if there was a spoken agreement between the two parties whereby she HAD to get an abortion to get the $1.6 million? Isn’t that horrible? Wouldn’t that make someone, somewhere — even in Trumplandia — feel unhappy with the man we’ve elected president with the help of a hostile foreign power?

She doesn’t look like she was eager to get an abortion to me. But, MAGA, right? Lulz, nothing matters. So then this happens. She becomes interested in the #MeToo movement. Again, this is wild speculation on my part. It could mean something, it could mean nothing. But it’s at least interesting.

So, did it happen or not? Is Trump the baby daddy or is Broidy. Good question.

Analysis And Conclusion
I honestly have vacillated back and forth on this matter so many times as to lose all credibility when it comes to my opinion. The reason this happens is I keep learning information that makes me believe it’s obviously Broidy. Then I learn information that definitely makes one think the logic of the Trump theory is strong, if nothing else.

One the Broidy side, we don’t have much proof that Bechard even knows him. Or, put another way, we definitely have ZERO evidence that they were lovers in the context of a $1.6 million settlement. We do have this image of her with a dog named “Ellie” which could very well have been given to her by Elliot. But, then again, this could be way too much overthinking this issue.

Meanwhile, on the Trump side, we have logic, logic, logic. First and foremost, we have the surreal situation whereby Keith Davidson — who represented two former lovers of Trump — and Trump’s personal “fixer” Michael Cohen were directly involved in the NDA. Hell, they virtually used the same wording as the one used between Trump and Stormy Daniels as I understand it. I mean, what the what? Of all the shady lawyers in a nation of 335 million they happen to pick two directly connected to Trump? The writers of the 2018 season of the Trump show are hacks. Meanwhile, Broidy wanted — and got — access to Trump about the time the NDA was signed and the money started going to Bechard, as this tweet indicates.

And, of course there’s the fact that while Trump is “big boned” Broidy is just plain old fat. (Not fat shaming, but his girth is amusing.)

But many Bechard likes big guys and all of this speculation will seem comical to say the least once we have some semblance of the “truth.”

So, again, what do I think? Who’s the baby daddy?

I going to punt. I don’t know. Given that Peter K. Stris, Bechard’s current attorney is completely mum on this, I just don’t know. All I want him to do is put out a statement saying it wasn’t Trump and for me to fuck off. It is, however, interesting that he at least knows about me, as indicated by this screenshot.

As I started this off by saying, I’m wasting my time writing about all of this. Trump’s never going down and even if magically we got cold, hard proof he was the baby daddy, we’re so divided as a nation it won’t matter. I would like to think that all of this is the run-up to a national debate and investigation of this matter, but I could be fooling myself. It could be that this is just going to fade in the early summer sun. I just want to know one way or another.

Logic says it’s Trump, but stranger things have happened. It could very well be Broidy and we can all go back to cursing the bread and worrying about Mexican children being put in concentration camps. May God have mercy on our souls.

Shelton Bumgarner is a writer and photographer living in Richmond, Va. He may be reached at migukin (at) gmail (dot) com. He has lots of interests including writing song lyrics and daydreaming about a social media startup based on the concepts of Usenet. He is writing his first novel.

Bonfire Of The Vanities 2: Fat Fuck Boogaloo, A Bechard / Broidy Tipping Point

by Shelton Bumgarner

I am having an on-going debate about the endgame of the Bechard / Broidy / Trump imbroglio.

My very smart acquaintance poo-poos my liberal fever dream of there being a tipping point whereby we have a regular Bonfire of the Vanities on our hands as the entire nation abruptly realizes it makes no logical sense that Broidy would be the baby daddy of Bechard’s aborted fetus. He could very well be right. It could be that this will be a minor little kerfuffle that will quickly fade by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, I’m of the opinion that if this follows the traditional scandal format, this is the slow build up to a moment in the near future when enough people are talking about it that someone like Stephen Colbert feels comfortable explaining the Trump-as-baby-daddy theory to his viewers. That would pour gas on the embers of this story and woosh! We have ourselves the makings of an enormous scandal.

Which, at its core could be a non-starter. It could be that even though it’s really weird that of all the shady lawyers in America, Bechard would pick the same one who represented two former lovers of Donald J. Trump it means nothing. What’s more, her purported lover, Elliot Broidy, would use Trump’s personal fixer as his lawyer in negotiating the NDA. When asked, my ever-so-smart friend said, “She asked around. How many shady NDA lawyers are there in Beverly Hills?”

I am really torn about all of this. On one hand, the issue seems clear cut: Bechard got pregnant by Broidy had an abortion got $1.6 million let’s all move along no big deal. On the other hand, my logical mind is saying OH MY GOD TRUMP PAID OFF A WOMAN TO HAVE AN ABORTION. HOLY FUCK.

So, the issue is, what happens next. Is there any momentum, or nah? There is a really serious chance that if Peter K. Stris and Bechard lay low and there’s no new news on this matter, that my friend is right and I’m a fool. Meanwhile, if I’m right, in a few days things are going to go bonkers.

I honestly don’t know which one it is. My guess is if the late night shows don’t pick it up by the end of the week or early next week, this is just a salacious nothingburger.

Peter Stris: Explain The Keith Davidson / Michael Cohen / Shera Bechard Nexus

by Shelton Bumgarner

I still am erroring on the side of all of this being a salacious nothingburger. At this point, the only thing I don’t get is why Shera Bechard’s lawyer Peter Stris doesn’t put out a statement simply stating that his client, Shera Bechard, doesn’t even know Trump and fuck you.

Having said all that: I smell a rat.

Why would Bechard turn to Keith Davidson. There is no explanation that makes any sense. Of all the shady laywers in America, Bechard who TOTALLY DOES NOT KNOW TRUMP would not only pick one who had represented two of Trump’s previous lovers, but her TOTALLY HOT BABY DADDY Elliot Broidy would pick fucktard Michael Cohen to represent HIM and they would use the same (or similar) NDA that TRUMP had used with previous lovers.

What the what?

Right now, the only evidence we have that Bechard knows Broidy is she had a dog named Ellie. That’s it. Otherwise, as far as we know they’re complete strangers who came together to protect Trump’s raw dogging ass.

I think we’re rapidly approaching a point where Stris needs to put out a statement denying all of this, otherwise we’re going to reach a tipping point where the entire nation is speculating on all of this in a very public way which only hurts Bechard because she can’t say anything because of the NDA.

All I want at this point is proof in the guise of a picture, anything, that Bechard knows Broidy. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Really. I mean, come on guys. If you’re so damn innocent, slip us a picture of Bechard and Broidy and we can call it a day.

Otherwise, whoa buddy. Things could get bumpy.

Weighing The Likelihood Shera Bechard Banged Fat Fuck Elliot Broidy

by Shelton Bumgarner

I keep telling myself I’m going to shut up about this and I keep coming back to it. The reason is there are enormous gaps in our knowledge of this scandal that could if not bring down the Trump Administration, at least leave a mark.

Here’s my current thinking.

The Case For It Being Broidy
All I got is he has money. If you lower your opinion of Bechard down to her simply being nothing more than a high class call girl, then I guess maybe she banged Broidy for cold hard cash? Maybe? Then there is the dog thing. She was gifted a dog name Ellie about the time the affair with Broidy was said to have begun.


The Case For It Being Trump
In 2015 Trump was making the transition from Right Wing celebrity Twitter troll to a serious presidential candidate. Trump was and is well known in Playboy circles. He was wealthy, powerful, glamorous and to your typical Playboy Bunny someone you could “trust.” He knew Hef and had been known to the Playboy family for decades. Broidy, as best I can tell, is something of a rando. Now, if you throw in that Bechard used Keith Davidson, the lawyer who represented both Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal and Broidy used Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, well, it definitely makes you do a double take. Out of all the thousands of shady lawyers out there, two lawyers one degree away from Donald Trump show up in this story? They even used the exact same NDA Trump had used in the past as I understand it. Weird, huh. No wonder people are looking at each other in disbelief. Some people think it was Don Jr, but I don’t buy it

Then there is the fat fuck situation. .Broidy is a fat ugly fuck, just look at him. (I’m not fat shaming him, I am just being funny for effect. If you can’t take a joke, fuck you.)

Though, I guess you could imagine them doing it? Right?