Evangelicals Support Trump Because They Think He’s The Anti-Christ

by Shelt Garner

As you may know, American Evangelicals have an ABSOLUTE support for the state of Israel. Their support is so absolute that there’s only one thing to compare it to — their support of Donald Trump.

I see a lot of Twitter liberals think out loud about how it’s possible that 38% of the electorate could continue to support a fucking fascist misogynistic racist moronic libertine like Donald Trump. You think up all the complicated reasons you want, but when it comes to Evangelicals the answer is pretty simple: they support Trump because they think he’s the anti-Christ and, as such, will hasten the return of Jesus.

This is not something that the average Christian is likely to agree is real. They’ll bob and weave, or deflect or start talking in abstract terms about Godless progressives and their attack on the sanctity of marriage. And it’s likely that the Evangelical leaders don’t even have to at any point say any of this out loud — the Bible, in their mind, speaks for itself.

If you work on the assumption this is the case, then everything makes sense. It’s not that Evangelicals support Trump DESPITE what’s wrong with him on a personal level, they support him BECAUSE of what’s wrong with him on a personal level.

Now, I have to admit it does get comical when you call your average Christian on this. Usually what happens is they let slip something about the anti-Christ (usually suggesting they can’t vote for Biden because he’s the anti-Christ.) With just a moment’s thought, however, a secular humanist can turn the tables on such a Christian by asking a simple question, “Don’t you HAVE to have an anti-Christ for Jesus to return? Wouldn’t it make sense to vote FOR Biden if you thought he was the anti-Christ?”

Before you and point out that Trump sure does fit the definition of the anti-Christ better than Biden, suddenly your Christian interlocutor has to go somewhere, or they get really upset or they wave their hands and say everything is political and trail off into a murmur.

The point is — Christians, even the ones who really know scripture well — are only willing to entertain the idea of the anti-Christ on a political level if it means not voting for Joe Biden. But, of course, instead of a lot of rhetorical gymnastics, there’s a much simple explanation — TRUMP is the anti-Christ and that’s WHY they support him.

Anyway, it probably won’t matter since once House Trump consolidates power we’ll all be forced to worship at a Qanon Church.

Logically, Trump Would Pick Ivanka As His Second Term Veep

by Shelt Garner

Well, I guess Trump isn’t the political genius Maggie Haberman keeps cooing about because if we’re not hearing any chatter about Ivanka replacing Pence as his second term Veep by this point, I guess it’s not going to happen.

I say this because, lulz, Trump can’t keep a secret. If he was even thinking about doing something as logical as using Ivanka to court the sweet, sweet votes of women in the exerbs of swing states, it would have happened by now. The reason why Ivanka is better than Nikki Haley is, duh, she’s a Trump. Haley has sold her soul in hopes of either replacing Pence or being Trump’s direct successor.

But if Trump DID decide to replace Pence, I just don’t see Haley being it.

Ivanka is, at least, a “threefer.”

She’s a woman.
She’s Jewish.
She’s a Trump
(And she’s considered more moderate than her father.)

What better way to throw everything up in the air than to name the only moderate that the base will accept — Ivanka Trump?

But unless Trump simply randomly decides to do as I suggest because he’s nuts, it doesn’t look like Pence has anything to worry about.

Trump Is Playing With Fire With The Bogus Durham Investigation

by Shelt Garner

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Trump was supposed to lose the popular vote and win the Electoral College just like in 2016. Just after his acquittal by callow Senate Republicans he was giving a very loud standing ovation by these same Republicans in a private meeting.

Trump knew all he had to do was absolutely placate the MAGA base and the rest would take care of itself.

Then COVID19 happened.

Now things are a bit more tricky. Trump’s natural inculcation is to use the bullshit Durham Investigation into the origins of the TrumpRussia investigation to indict Joe Biden and be done with it. He would kill two birds with one stone — he would “prove” that TrumpRussia was a “hoax” and he would knock out Biden so he easily wins re-election.

I am fully prepared to state that this may still work. In fact, it will work. If we’ve gotten this far down the road to tyranny, then something as simple as brazenly indicting Joe Biden for political gain is a lulz. All they have to do is indict Biden a just the right moment so there’s some confusion about it all as people go to the polls. By the time everything gets straightened out, Trump will be ranting about the need for a Constitutional Convention and MAGA will simply dismiss people people’s rage at what happened as the usual “Orange Man Bad” liberals being “triggered.”

As an aside, I think we might be willing to think outside the box a little bit — what if Durham waits until AFTER the election to indict Biden and the whole thing is used as a negotiating tactic to make sure TRUMP isn’t indicted after he leaves office? The only reason why I’m not prepared to accept this as a possibility is Trump is a fucking moron and his actual personal political skill is little more than a grunt.

Anyway, there is a least a tiny chance that while indicting Biden as the “October Surprise” gets the job done, it might also be something so outrageous and on the nose that even people who otherwise “don’t have time for politics” might, at last sit up and take notice. It’s not likely, but it’s possible — I mean, if you’re cool with “tender care facilities” what’s a little election theft between fascists?

But it is possible that some pretty unexpected things might happen if Trump gets too greedy and indicts Biden directly. If he was smart — which he is not — he would get really close to Biden, but not indict Biden himself. But MAGA people are so absolute in their bloodlust when it comes to the Durham Investigation that I could totally see them lulzing this and making a significant strategic error.

I’m not prepared to get my hopes up, though. More likely than not, the country is simply too divided. And, if anything, history books will count the indictment of Biden as the moment the United States, for intents and purposes, finally became a fascist state.

I keep trying to come up with solutions or what people can do on a practical level to combat this, but I guess I’m not smart enough. Everything I can think of involves getting at least 3.5% of the population to participate in mass protests and general strikes.

The United States simply has no political history of something so big — we’re not France, after all, so lulz.

America In Brown & Red

by Shelt Garner

I know way too many fucking fascists in real life. I, personally, have come to accept that not only has fascism taken over the country I love, but that Trump is going to brazenly steal the 2020 Election. What’s more, about 38% of the electorate is going to embrace this theft rather willingly.

There a number of significant macro trends that make all this possible and they all express themselves in the guise of one Donald John Trump. He’s an avatar for some pretty intractable problems in the United State’s body politic. What bothers me is a lot of Twitter liberals who should know better are deluding themselves about what’s going on.

These Twitter liberals are so busy scoring points on social media with memes they think will “destroy” House Trump, that they are totally oblivious to what’s going on in the real world. Many, many people are too busy raising their kids and paying their mortgage to “have time for politics” and, as such, they have only a vague awareness of what’s going on. All they know is, on an abstract level, Trump is protecting them from violent progressives (Communists) who want to “destroy the sanctity of marriage” and burn Federal court houses.

What’s more, their abstract fears about what these evil liberal progressives (Communists) MIGHT do are so all consuming that they honestly don’t care about the very real fascist things House Trump is actually doing right now. And so when House Trump inevitably indicts Joe Biden in late October as part of the bogus Durham Investigation, they’ll lulz it. And if they do ever get around to figuring out the whole thing was done to steal the election, it’ll be so long after the fact as to be politically pointless.

Then these very same people will simply shrug and tell people like me to “shut up if you know what’s good for you.” These Good Germans will get upset when people protest (if they do) when Trump steals the fall election in an extremely brazen fashion.

As I’ve mentioned before, what Trump wants to do is throw so much interference at the 2020 Election that we will struggle to pinpoint what, exactly what the thing that did it. That’s what he wants. He doesn’t want to do anything so absolutely brazen that American’s self-perception kicks in an people realize what he’s up to.

And, yet, with things like the Durham Investigation, he’s setting himself up to do just that. The whole thing is fucking bullshit and when Durham indicts (or whatever) Biden in late October the whole thing is going to be a little bit too on the nose for a lot of people. And, yet, there is such absolute bloodlust for just that on the part of the entire Republican Party that the whole thing may get out of control.

Not that indicting Biden isn’t going to work — it obviously will. And, generally, most people are just going to take the indictment at face value and Trump will cruise to victory. But there’s at least a greater than zero chance that people who otherwise might not care might sit up and take notice. It’s possible, not probable.

Remember those macro trends. The problems that caused Trump in the first place aren’t going anywhere. So, even if somehow we magically are able to frog walk Trump out of the White House at some point, he’s going to be seen as a political martyr by the Right. They are going to do everything in their power to bring down the Biden Administration as soon as possible.

There are no easy answers to this problem. The reason is — if Twitter liberals finally stopped trying to score points on Twitter and took the actions necessary in real fucking life to actually halt the ascent of fascism in the United States there will be blood, as they say.

Republicans have already crossed the Rubicon into fascism — they’re ready to make the jump from insane rhetoric on FOX News to murdering people in cold blood for political reasons. Should the center-Left get woke to this cold hard fact, well, I guess we’re going to have a civil war.

But I’m reluctant to say that.

The center-Left in the Untied States is so fucking weak that what’s more likely to happen is simply the bad guys will win and after the shock of Trump brazenly stealing the election wears off, we’re going to get used to people getting pushed out of windows.

That’s probably going to be the last stage in our transformation to a “managed democracy” like Russia in the sense that Trump will have to purge the media first to get away with it. Can’t very well make people mad by pushing people out windows if no body knows about it because OANN now owns CNN, now can you?

If Russia is any indication, what will happen is pop culture in the Unites States will decouple completely from politics. Only people like me will scream at the top of our lungs as to what’s going on (and get pushed out a window for doing it.) The average person might take note that suddenly CNN and FOX news are indistinguishable, but that’s about it.

Because of macro trends, this is the future of America. There might be the occasional hiccup because Trump is such a fucking incompetent, moronic self-own artist, but the general we have to wait until the Graying of America crosses the Browning of America before any of this changes. And, given that the entire point of MAGA is to STOP the Browning of America, lulz, maybe it will never happen.

I don’t have any answers as to how to prevent any of this. I would, however, suggest that we’re now in the part of America’s transition to a fascist state where you what you do in real life matters. Scoring points, or thinking up a powerful meme doesn’t mean shit when Little Green Men are snatching people off the street or, later, pushing people out windows.

I used to think Americans weren’t Russians and, by definition, would not allow a fascist, autocratic “managed democracy” to happen here. But I realize now I was being naive. It can –and will — happen here.

Phone Polling Adventures

by Shelt Garner

As we lurch towards Trump finalizing his fascist consolidation of power in the United States, I find myself becoming a sucker for political phone polls. Something about this small — but important — aspect of recently bygone era when what the population of the country actually thought is appealing.

One thing I’ve noticed is most of the polls I’m getting are obviously from Republicans. All of the polls I’ve taken recently were pretty fucking warped. They don’t seem like polls at all, but rather being used as a focus group for Republican oppo research.

But none of it matters.

The Durham Investigation is going to indict Biden in late October. If that doesn’t work, the slowing of the mail will. And if THAT doesn’t work, the Russians will live up to their part of the bargain associated with Trump removing 1/3 of our troops from Germany and hack directly into our election systems.

As I keep saying, we really, really need to accept that the United States is now a fascist state. The whole snatching people off the street will soon enough be pushing people out of windows.

There is no hope.

Fascist America: Everyone Needs To Do A Gut Check

by Shelt Garner

The fascists have won. I say that because Trump is assembling about a dozen different ways he’s going to steal the 2020 Election. If it’s not the Durham Investigation indicting Joe Biden the weekend before the election, it’ll be the post office essentially becoming an arm of the Trump Campaign. And those are just the most obvious ones. There will not be a free and fair election.

And, even if somehow Trump manages to self-own to such an extent that Biden actually does manage to be win the electoral vote, Trump is going to challenge the certification of the popular vote at ever stage. In the end, his criminality and his insanity will fuse and, well, lulz, he’s not going anywhere.

So, with that in mind, if you’re not MAGA, you need to do a gut check as to what you believe. It is very, very easy to write a witty tweet that goes viral. But it’s going to be a lot different when ICE starts snatching people off the street or pushing people out windows in the real world.

What do you believe on an existential level? Are you really willing to face indefinite incarceration in an ICE camp or the risk of simply being pushed out a window for your opposition to Trump’s fascist tyranny? Nearly everyone can talk a good talk on social media, but when you’re shoved into an unmarked van by a member of PACT or ICE, you might simply turn into a quivering mess.

There’s going to come a moment very, very soon — probably in 2021 — when we’re going to find out who is willing to pledge their “lives and scared honor” for the America that existed for about 240 years before Trump. While a few bonkers people like me, with nothing to lose, will take a stand and tell Trump’s goons to fuck off — and be murdered accordingly — most people are going to take the advice of MAGA people who will tell them, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll shut up.”

I don’t have any easy answers for you. I can’t tell you in practical terms what to do or how to prevent the inevitable from happening. I hate violence and I hate guns. Usually, it takes a war of some sort to end a fascist regime. There’s no one to invade us. I mean, who’s going to do it? The EU?

All I can tell you is the final official transformation of the United States into a fascist state is going to happen in fits and starts and then EXTREMELY RAPIDLY. Get out of the country if you can. Start thinking about where you might hide.

But the issue is — ranting on social media about Trump simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. You’re going to have to think about your career, your life and your family in the real world. Fascism is the ultimate “cancel culture,” if you will.

Darkness has fallen. There’s no going back. If it’s not Trump who does it, it’ll be Mike Pomepo or Tom Cotton. The macro trends simply aren’t on our side. And while there may be rolling political violence this fall and winter, I just don’t see there being any type of organized civil war. Though, I would note the only way we’re ever, EVER getting rid of Trump is the country will have to be on the verge of a revolution. That’s the only way I can think of that the political fault lines might shift just long enough to physically frog walk Trump out of the Oval Office.

Even then, this would be only a brief reprieve. Trump would immediately become a political martyr in the eyes of MAGA and he’ll find some fascist ghost writer to write his own “Mien Kampf.”

We’ve reached the end of the United States as we’ve known it.

Why Trump’s Taxes Will Be A Big Deal, No Matter What

Taxes, what taxes?
Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

Ahhh, Trump’s ever-elusive taxes. I don’t know exactly what’s going on in the Federal courts right now to give you a detailed explanation, but I enough to get some sense of the significance. Really, at this point, the best case scenario for House Trump is they’re able to successfully slow-walk the whole thing past the Senate trial. Once Trump’s acquitted, House Trump can pretty much tell the rule of law to fuck off and do whatever the fuck they want. No power grab will be too brazen as we lurch towards the 2020 election which will, by definition, be neither free nor fair.

But let’s suppose SCOTUS rules one way or another in time for it to be relevant. Let’s go through the possible endgames.

If Justice Roberts simply punts the issue, then that’s a pretty big decision. Trump will have either cough his taxes up, or not. Either decision will be a massive turning point in not only House Trump’s political history, but the nation in general. More on this in a second.

SCOTUS Rules In House Trump’s Favor
Justice Roberts takes the case and fascist Republicans’ vision of a remaking the Judiciary finally pay off the way they crave, then Trump’s a Putin-style authoritarian. He’s above the law. Game over.

SCOTUS Rules Against House Trump
Like I mentioned, all this only matters if it happens in time to influence the existing impeachment process. Otherwise, lulz. So, let’s say the House Trump attempt to slow walk fails. In a 5-4 vote, Trump’s ordered to release his taxes immediately.

Trump Ignores This
While the dipshit MAGA fuckheads would spin this as a mere “process crime,” in fact, it would be the biggest Constitutional Crisis since the end of the Civil War. If Trump simply ignored this ruling, it would likely be thrown into the impeachment pot as “obstruction of SCOTUS.” For the average dumbass MAGA person who just hates black people and women, I guess they’ll feel free to overlook this situation until Trump’s acquitted and the ICE camps can be weaponized.

Trump Abides By This
If Trump weirdly does the right thing and releases his taxes, this just might save his sorry ass. If everything we’re afraid of is in them, is in them, it would be such an explosion that House Democrats would realize they had to dig into the taxes to sort out exactly the astonishing scope of Trump’s criminality. By the time the dust settles, it’s Feburary 2020, “let the people decide” is a Republican mantra and Trump is free to get Peter Thiel to bribe individual Electors. Or not. There’s a small chance it would be this taxes that might tip the political scale against him in the Senate. But I find that dubious.

It’s more likely to be Trump completely losing his shit or MAGA anti-impeachment violence that would ultimately cook Trump’s political goose.

If Trump Really Was A Political Genius Like Maggie Haberman Keeps Suggesting, He Would Do This

Yeah, Maggie Haberman, Trump’s a political genius.
Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

Trump is a moron. If he really was all that smart, he would flood the zone with corruption and sit back and wait. Instead of stonewalling, he would open the floodgates. Release his taxes. Let everyone testify. Release the unredacted Mueller Report.

This would so overwhelm House Democrats that they would spend months investigating all of this. They would be pushed into the primary season and people would just say at some point, “Let the people decide.”

Trump would then be effectively politically pardoned AGAIN. He could become even more brazen. He gets re-elected through criminal means. Yeah, the 2020 election would be an American Brexit at this point, but all he cares about is getting into his second term. Once he’s in his second term, his new Veep Kris Kobach (or whatever young, passionate fascist he picks to replace Pence) will establish the Thousand Year Trump. Don Jr. eventually becomes president and we have Trumps for the next twenty years.

Though Trump could just name Don Jr. his veep for 2020 and cut out the middle man. That really would establish The Thousand Year Trump.

But Trump’s an idiot. He’s nothing more than a deranged version of Being There’s Chauncey Gardner. He’s going to be acquitted by the Senate unless something extra-political happens and it backfires.

Well see, I guess.

Ivanka Trump’s Political Future

Vice President Ivanka Trump?
Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

I am not prepared to believe Trump finally faces an existential threat, at least on a political level. Politically, he’s fine. The Republican Party is now the fascist Trump Party and he is likely to be acquitted on the facts before us and go about his merry way. He will bribe individual Electors, get Russia to directly hack into our election systems or he will simply get Bill Barr to indict his opponent in Oct. 2020.

But let’s daydream. What if Trump loses his mind during the process of impeachment or, say, there’s MAGA violence that makes the average person so furious with House Trump that Der Fuhrer finally meets his political match — himself. Who would President Pence pick as his Veep?

This is a far more complicated question than you may at first imagine. Pence wants to use the MAGA base to win two full terms on his own. So, it’s unlikely he would pick someone like Nikki Haley because she’s, well, not a Trump. That leaves Ivanka and Don Jr. The reason why I doubt it would be Don Jr. despite his popularity with the MAGA base is he’s such an outlandish hothead that he would likely use his position as veep to challenge Pence for the 2020 Republican nomination.

That leaves Ivanka.

It’s likely Ivanka would be nominated and confirmed by the Senate at lightning speed the moment Trump was somehow finally physically dragged out of the Oval Office. Pence would see Ivanka as the “safe” member of House Trump that would help him on a number of different levels. Ivanka as his veep would reassure MAGA as to his fidelity to House Trump. He would get to name the first woman — and Jewish — veep in American history.

Really, given how little the veep position really does, Ivanka is pretty much perfect for the job. You could pace out any number of different nightmare scenarios involving unintended consequences to this move, but that’s pushing it. Ivanka is an example of someone who thinks that the are “owed” something simply because of their connection to someone who paved the way. She’s in a curious political position because her bonkers brother is far more appealing to the MAGA base, while she herself is at least superficially someone who might for a heartbeat bring the nation together. The moment it sank in how bad she was on a practical level, the usual political divide we inhabit would kick in again.

Put another way — not even Ivanka could coast to the Republican nomination in any traditional manner. Her only real shot at ever becoming president would be if Pence somehow magically found enough shame to resign in disgrace. I just don’t see that happening. Pence at this point is more likely to do exactly what Trump would do only with a theocratic bent to it.

But I do suggest you keep an eye on Ivanka. If there was some sort of last-ditch effort at having a compacted resignation on Trump’s part (this will never happen) then maybe Ivanka-as-veep might be a bargaining chip desperate Republicans might use to coax a reluctant Trump out of office. Or, maybe they might use her as veep on a more basic level — to simply get Trump physically out of the Oval Office should he miraculously be convicted by the Senate.

How We Got Into This Trump Mess & The Fascist Dystopia Ahead

A Republic, if you can keep it.
Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

When the final history of the American Republic is written — and fear it will be a lot sooner than we would like — the end first came the night Richard Hatch won the first season of Survivor. Everyone was in shock. But it also marked the beginning of modern reality TV. Trump was the greatest beneficiary of that night, in hindsight.

Trump is the culmination of several macro trends in American political history. On one had you have the rise of Fox News. On the other you have how detached the average media person is from the practical lives of the average person in a flyover state. This is a side effect of income inequality caused by the Reagan Revolution. You also have the rise of social media. The massive flaw of social media is not only do the most extreme positions of any issue set the tone of debate, but it’s very, very easy for it be weaponized by an outside, hostile force.

Mix all this together and you find yourself where we are now. Fox News and income inequality in tandem caused a lot of Red State people to feel not only disenfranchised, but alienated from the media narrative that Blue State people were seeing. All of this accelerated in Obama’s second term as the lingering damage of the Great Recession began to sink in. Add to this just plain old racism being for political gain by — you guessed it, Donald Trump — and you end up in the situation we’re in.

In 2016, roughly half the electorate was primed for someone like Trump. This is when social media and the Russians kicked in.

So we find ourselves in a situation where many Red State voters actually are quite happy with the prospect of authoritarian rule. They can’t even grasp what the benefits of liberal democracy would be in the first place. And, so, here we are. It definitely appears as though there’s a good chance that impeachment in itself will be the final death blow to the American Republic. But I don’t say this as some sort of indictment of the process that may bring House Trump down politically.

What I mean, rather, is we’re finally seeing the fruits of a decades-long agenda on the part of Republicans. Even if Trump is politically vanquished, the Republican Party is now finally so radicalized that Pence could very well simply do exactly what Trump was going to do but with a more theocratic spin to it. And don’t get your hopes up if there’s a Pelosi presidency. Even that would be a delay to this process.

There are half a dozen would-be Trump successor on deck in the Republican Party ranks, from Kris Kobach to Tom Cotton to The Kooch. It’s a bit surreal to someone in LA or NYC the lengths that Republicans will to defend someone as demonstrably bonkers and corrupt as Trump. But that says more about the rot at the heart of our political system than anything else.

So, buckle up. My prediction is very soon we’ll have some sort of theocratic fascist “manage democracy”in the United States that will last at least 20 years. At some point at the moment when the youngest of the Baby Boomers begin to croke and the browning of America kicks in, there may be some sort of shift in politics. But for the foreseeable future, Trump’s American Carnage is definitely on track to become a hold hard reality.

I could imagine a few scenarios where this doesn’t happen quite the way I imagine. If Republicans really, really, REALLY overplayed their hand during the impeachment process and there was mass violence by people opposed to impeachment, then I think we might get enough of a delay in the march towards fascism for the browning of America to kick in. But that’s such a remote possibility that I just don’t see that being applicable. Even then, there’s a chance that Republicans would use the very violence THEY INCITED to do the very things I propose they want to do in the first place. So, in a sense, we’re in a no-win situation.

No one is going to save us. We’re on our own.