The Curious Case Of The #NBCUniversal ‘Thugs?’ At The #DCProtest

The guy in the white shirt had a NBCUniversal press pass and was doing B-Roll with a mic. And, yet, he was walking with those two goons to his left.
The guy with the tats was with the guy in the white. What the what?
I still don’t get it.

by Shelt Garner

So, there was I was, walking around DC near the White House when I saw a clutch of goons standing around a guy with a video camera and a fuzzy mic doing what appeared to be “B-Roll.”

I took a look at the guy’s press pass and it was (I think) NBCUniversal. But none of it made any sense. Why was that guy with the goons? As you can tell from the pictures, these were not any ordinary goons. These were like, fucking Blackcube or something. These fuckers meant business.

Anyway, I keep talking about this an nothing happens.

It seems as though there are three possible scenarios.

  1. I misunderstood what was happening.
  2. They were simply added security for a NBC News camera man.
  3. They were doing some sort of undercover surveillance of the protest.

I honestly don’t know which one of those three is what was going on. I hope it wasn’t the last one. That is rather ominous.

I wish someone with NBCUniversal would at least tell me one way or another what I was seeing.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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