Becoming More Methodical With Development of This #Novel

by Shelt Garner

The general conceit of this novel is very strong. After about two years of struggle, I’ve come up with up with a reasonable way to explore the universe I’ve constructed that isn’t too convoluted.

But now that I’m going from the abstract of development to actually writing, I’m really bumping up against some serious problems on occasion. I have a general way I sketch out individual scenes in the outline I’ve come up with and sometimes I have to throw out entire scenes because they just don’t work. There’s no there there, as they say.

I have decided to do three chapters at a time now in hopes of speed the process up some. I’ve been doing about a chapter a week since I started writing again and that’s just way too slow.

I also need to start reading some of the 30-odd books I have floating around. They say if you have time to write you have time to read and I really agree with that.

One thing that’s difficult to deal with is the temperature. It’s brutally hot, even with the air conditioning on. So, that slows me down a little bit. But I’m giving myself an arbitrary deadline of Sunday afternoon to wrap up a the scene summary of a three chapter segment. Hopefully, if I can do that, then I can maybe wrap up three chapters in a week, no just one.

There’s so much to do still. It’s rather overwhelming, but at least I’m moving forward. The story still isn’t dark enough, but I’m hoping I can get there on that front with the second draft.

That’s the goal, at least.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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