Countdown To American Fascism: The New Normal

by Shelt Garner

Sometimes the biggest “secrets” are right there in public and it’s a matter of time and context for them to come out. As such, the biggest non-secret secret out there today is House Trump is going to successfully steal the 2020 election in a rather brazen fashion.

A lot of Twitter liberals will gnash their teeth during and after this theft, but it will happen. Too many powerful people — both inside and outside the United States — no longer see traditional liberal democracy in America as legitimate. They see it as a means to an end — power and money. As such, the 2020 election will be the final death knell of the America that I grew up in.

There simply will be no going back.

We will have a new normal in the real world that we’re going to have to deal with. The biggest thing will be soon after Trump successfully steals his second term, there will be a broad and deep purging of media in the United States via various and sundry authoritarian tools. This is important because once you finally strangle the free press, then you can quite literally get away with bloody murder and, lulz, who’s going to report about it?

So, no later than, say, late 2021, House Trump is going to start both snatching people off the street and pushing people out of windows. You might protest that we’ll know about this via social media, but all signs point to Trump getting his friend Mark Zuckerburg to end free speech there. Twitter, meanwhile, will likely be bought by a “German Industrialist.”

And, remember, in the back pocket of House Trump is the end of net neutrality. It would be very easy now for them to use their fucking “light touch” regulation to totally revamp Internet usage in the United States to such an extent that it would be nothing more than a pipeline for MAGA bullshit.

Barring something pretty spectacular that I can’t predict — which isn’t going to happen, just like it didn’t happen with Impeachment — we will have a new normal in the former “land of the free.” We’re going to be little more than autocratic “managed democracy” like they have in Russia.

Sure, occasionally House Trump will get in trouble by arresting a senator, representative, governor or mayor they don’t like, but in the end they will get what they want — to stay in power. And don’t forget that Putin is estimated to be the wealthiest man on the planet. It’s not hard to imagine House Trump growing significantly more wealthy than even that given the much bigger economy they have to leech off of.

Just like with impeachment anyone who thought there was a chance Trump would actually be convicted was delusional, so, too, is anyone who thinks House Trump is going to let free and fair elections happen. That’s just not going to happen. The center-Left in the United States is simply too divided, too ineffectual for there to be any significant, successful push back to the type of brazen election meddling that is going to happen in the fall.

It’s already happening now and we’re not doing anything about it other than writing nasty tweets.

We’re at the beginning of the House Trump dynasty. It will be somewhere in the 20 to 40 year range before the fucking Baby Boomers will finally drop dead and something might change. For the time being, though, America is a fascist state and the sooner people start to re-evaluate their real life interactions with the government, the better.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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