The Three Immutable Victories Of House Trump

by Shelt Garner

Here are three victories that House Trump has either racked up or will rack up very, very soon.

Senate Acquittal
Trump was never going to be convicted by the Senate. In fact, history books are likely going to mark his acquittal as the end of the United States and the formal birth of the Fourth Reich. America is now a fascist state. The only reason why we can’t process this as the fact that it is is our self-perception hasn’t changed accordingly. Twitter liberals remain in some sort of Rachel Maddow-induced fever dream where something or someone is going to magically save us from this nightmare.

Stealing The 2020 Election
We are deluding ourselves to think Trump isn’t going to endup on top when all is said and done. He has hundreds of powerful enablers both inside and out of government. He is going to win, even if he has to burn everything to the ground to do it. In fact, he is such an absolute avatar for some astonishing existential problems in America’s political system that his insanity and his criminality could literally fuse and he would still win. He’s just not going anywhere. He wasn’t going to get convicted by the Senate and he’s not going to lose the 2020 Election.

Passing American Enabling Acts
At some point early in Trump’s stolen second term, he’s going to begin to rant about the need for a Constitutional Convention to “pass a balanced budget amendment.” This will all be a ruse to pass American Enabling Acts. There will be a lot of gashing of teeth by Twitter liberals who will tell us breathlessly that THIS will be the thing to bring down House Trump. Nope. Ultimately, House Trump’s power will be codified and that will be that. We will a long last be a white Christian ethno-state. This is absolutely going to happen. Now, there’s a chance it might happen during a Cotton or Pompeo Administration and not Mad King Trump I’s rule, but it is going to happen. That’s the end game of about 30 years of Republican macro ratfucking.

Anyway. I have to figure out how to either leave the country or hide so I don’t get pushed out a window.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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