The Second American Civil War: Slow Your Roll

by Shelt Garner

It is comical that fucking shithead MAGA people are coming to this site when they search for “Second American Civil War.” They come from some pretty bright Red States, so obviously a second civil war is something a lot of fucking shithead cocksucker MAGA people are thinking about right now.

The ultimately irony is it doesn’t have to be this way. Cocksucker MAGA could get everything it wanted if they would just sit tight and let macro trends take their course. I mean, Jesus H. Christ, people. Whenever I talk about the possibility of a Second American Civil War, I talk about in the context of it happening because, well, Trump is a political moron.

Trump is such a fucking God King to the rubes of MAGA that he could take the L of losing the 2020 Election and STILL come up on top. The macro trends are pretty clear on this — America is going to be Trumplandia very, very soon. House Trump is now established and if a Trump isn’t either president or vice president, it will be seen as an illegitimate Interregnum on the part of the fascist Republican Party.

But Trump is a moron with a thin skin who can’t handle losing for any reason.

As such, through sheer incompetence, he may take the United States down a political path it’s never gone down before — the U.S. Military is going to have to decide who POTUS is.

Now, I guess why the fucking shithead cocksucker MAGA people are so excited about the prospect of a Second American Civil War is because, what, they think they get to kill liberals or something? It’s surreal that they are so fucking stupid that they can’t comprehend that they have won. They’ve gotten their massive tax cut and 1/3 of the Federal bench is made up of young hack MAGA judges. What’s more, Trump has already discredited the very idea of democracy for so many people that it would be very, very easy for MAGA to simply bide its time until the 2022 mid-terms.

But no.

They are so fucking wrapped up in their fucking Qanon bullshit that they really, really want to get to killing liberals en mass before the press has been purged. They want to do it NOW before the Constitutional Convention has been convened that will pass the Enabling Acts that will codify MAGA in to law.

As such, any civil war that happens is going to throw everything up in the air. A lot of people will die for no damn reason. There are no assurances that the U.S. Military won’t side with the evil Godless liberal-progressives and work actively to stop MAGA from murdering any liberal they can find on sight.

But I guess it’s possible the fucking cocksucker MAGA people might win. They’ll finally make America great. We’ll be a fucking white Christian ethno-state at last. I will note that before MAGA cocksuckers get too giddy at the idea of final, total victory over their evil liberal opponents, that living in an authoritarian managed democracy sucks.

You just never know who in your family might get snatched off the street and thrown into an ICE camp indefinitely. So, yeah, I guess when OANN buys CNN you can finally whack off to the 8 hour investigation of the Deep State there, but the whole thing might come back to haunt you on a personal level.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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