How Trump Lost(?)

by Shelt Garner

I only even write this because, lulz, why not. Trump is an autocrat and, as such, will never lose. He’ll cheat or commit treason to win. (Why else is he so desperate to talk to Putin in person before the election?)

But for purely entertainment’s sake, here’s a few events and aspects of the 2020 election that might at least allow us to delude ourselves a bit into thinking Trump might lose.

Trump Is An Extremely Incompetent, Barely Functioning Autocrat
In this respect, the only thing stopping Trump from his final consolidation of power is, well, Trump. And, really, he would have to self-own to a staggering level, even for him, for his sheer incompetence at autocracy to make any difference. Under this rubric can be added his chronic mental instability, which appears to be slowly getting worse. If his cheating and treason somehow seems not to be working, even for a few days, he might finally snap mentally and go so insane that it puts a real spanner in the works. But this is wishful thinking. Trump could actually finally go completely insane and his support to so absolute that it would be a lulz.

Electors Revolt
I’ve spent so much time assuming Trump would successfully bully the actual humans that are Electors into voting for him, that I’ve not given much thought to the opposite. This is REALLY grasping at straws. But should it become clear that Trump committed treason to win by begging the Russians to directly hack into our election systems, then there’s at least a minor chance that the Electors might revolt. Remember, Electors are by far the weakest element of the Constitution. This may be the last election cycle where we don’t know off the top of our heads who the individual electors are going into the campaign. Things might really grow that surreal this year.

Trump Loses A Civil War
Of all the possible ways Trump might be forced from office, this is probably the most realistic. I continue to believe something that may be marketed as a “civil war” in the press will happen between November and January and, really, this is our best bet to get rid of House Trump for one election cycle. The only reason why this is even possible is once you leave the realm of politics and into war, the usual rules don’t apply. While bloodthirsty MAGA people will likely inflict a lot of death and destruction, if the U.S. Military sides with Biden, there’s a good chance they will be defeated. The first 100 days of any Biden Administration may be simply trying to calm the country down enough to govern it.

But, again, let me stress that America is dead. House Trump has won. I’m going either be snatched off the street by ICE or pushed out a window. The Constitutional Convention will happen. Darkness has fallen. It will be 40 or more years before any type of real resistance to tyranny gets any traction for no other reason than fucking Baby Boomers will finally be dead. By then, of course, whatever arises from the rubble may not even be called the United States anymore.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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