Apocalypse America: Why A Civil War Is The Ultimate Endgame Of The 2020 Election

by Shelt Garner

As I keep saying, autocrats never lose. The reason for this is they fight dirty and don’t give a shit about what you think. All they care about is still having power when the sun sets.

The issue is, Democrats are STILL delusional about the lengths House Trump will go to to stay in power. So, it’s painfully clear that a civil war or military coup is in America’s near future.

Get used to it.

Let me put this in context.

It could very well be that for various reasons, House Trump cruises to an easy victory. We know election night or soon there after that House Trump is victorious and that’s that. The final consolidation of power will take place at a fast clip, only slowed by Trump’s innate incompetence. America’s final decent into tyranny will be gradual, culminating in a Constitutional Convention after House Trump has purged the media of all opposition voices.

But suppose that doesn’t happen.

Suppose things aren’t settled — then what happens?

Well, because House Trump controls the levers of power, they will win. If it takes Interior Minister Bill Barr really pulling some crazy legal interpretations out of his ass to do it, it will happen. And, really, in the end, if all else fails, House Trump will force the issue and start a civil war of some sort. This will happen because both sides will believe absolutely their their guy won the election and then people will start killing each other.

Then there is the absolute last moment before total darkness falls — what will the U.S. Military do?

I honestly don’t know. But there’s a chance that in a desperate last gasp effort to keep the tradition of peaceful transitions of power, there might be some sort of Unity Government forced upon us by a reluctant American Military.

But, as I’ve said, that’s probably wishful thinking.

More likely what will happen is the U.S. Military will follow Trump’s orders because there is, in their eyes, some legal justification for it. Depending on how bad things get, I could see a number of major Blue States being turned into military districts such as we had during Reconstruction.

Then things that were going to happen anyway, will still happen a lot quicker and in a far more jarring manner.

The whole point of this is, barring something completely unexpected that I can’t predict, the bad guys have won. On a macro level, House Trump has been established. The moment Trump is sworn into his stolen second term, he will have served his purpose.

Some younger, more focused fascist like Tom Cotton or Mike Pompeo will proceed to snatch people off the street, push them out of windows or send them to American Killing Fields.

This is our future.

This does make one wonder how long this dystopian hellscape will last.

I honestly don’t know. But it does seem that House Trump will have power for a solid 40 years. Once the last of the Baby Boomers drop dead, they’re demographic control over the country will begin to diminish. As things grow more unstable for them, it’s likely House Trump will grow ever more radical.

Then, really, it’s a matter of history simply being history and things like the Great Man theory kick in, or a fluke, or things I simply can’t predict.

The reason why I keep ranting about this is I want people to take our fate seriously. Stop trying to score points on Twitter and realize that for decades to come, your “resistance” to House Trump is going to involve risking things that are important to you in the real world, like your life, your family and your career.

Night has fallen on America. Our Republic is no more.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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