What Is Wrong With You, American Infotainment Industry?

by Shelt Garner

I can’t tell if I’m old or if I’ve noticed something. When I was growing up, we had Late Night With David Letterman and Spy Magazine. Later, we had Gawker. Now, we got nothing. Maybe our Twitter feed if we follow the right people?

Something I heard on the Scriptnotes podcast caught my attention — the conditions are there for a “disruption” of the Hollywood trades. Seems like that would be a great business model for a something in the tradition of Spy mixed with The Hollywood Reporter or Variety.

The reason why I say this is, it seems as though the Hollywood trades are the clit of the media world. If you shook that space up, you could get near-instant buzz from a wild-spectrum of entertainment people. It’s so obvious, I don’t understand why no one else is willing to do it.

If I had some start up cash and the resources, *I* would do it. I would start a Website that was extremely newsy and snarky about the movie making business and then branch out to other aspects of the entertainment business once I got things sorted out. But, alas, I’m just some rando in the rural area of a flyover state. It is fun to think about, however.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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