Questions That Will Determine Our Political Fate

by Shelt Garner

  1. If Cyber Ninjas “prove” Trump “won,” does anyone care?
    The bullshit recount in Arizona of that state’s 2020 presidential election results is suppose to wrap up in the next few days if memory serves right. I thought it was going to be in mid-to-late May, if I recall. Trump is already doing that thing where he pins all his hopes on one thing, causing his supporters to do the same thing.

    Given that Cyber Ninjas know that, it’s very possible that they’ll give Trump the “win” there that he craves. The question is, what next? Will anyone care? You can make the case either way. Either it’s a meh or it’s a huge fucking deal that brings the country to its knees.

    And, right now, I can’t figure out which one it’s going to be. It’s easy to imagine the same dynamic as January 6th, only on a national scale. Trump races around the country, egging state MAGA state legislatures on. They first want to look in to “nullifying” the Biden Administration, and before you know, we have a full blown secession crisis.

    Or nothing happens and we all laugh at how Trump has gotten himself worked up over nothing — again.
  2. What happens if Trump actually does get indicted?
    First, I seriously doubt Trump is ever going to suffer any accountability for anything he ever has done. Or, put another way, if we expect that to ever happen, we’re going to have to throw all our hopes on the Republicans suffering a historic, catastrophic defeat in 2022 specifically because they’ve tied themselves so tightly to Trump. If the result is muddled or open to interpretation, then, lulz, Trump is the nominee in 2024 and we have to go through Trump’s bullshit all over again.

    But if he does get indicted, I wouldn’t get too excited. There are a dozen would-be MAGA autocrats waiting in the wings to lead Trumpism without Trump. To be the person who turns us into an autocratic managed democracy like Putin’s Russia. They will purge the media and render all opposition null, even more so than what already exists. ICE will be weaponized and people like me who absolutely refuse to shut the fuck up will be pushed out of windows.

    So, I dunno. I suppose a Trump indictment might be one way to end him as a problem, but there’s just too much momentum with MAGA right now. Even without Trump, it’s pretty clear how easy it will be to turn America into an autocratic managed democracy. So, lulz. An Trump indictment would not be any sort of quick fix to the Trump-MAGA problem we face.
  3. Autocracy or Civil War?
    I have long said that this particular question is the one that we’re going to slam into in a rather abrupt fashion sooner than you might think. And, really, this question is more about “Will MAGA Republicans bungle the transition?” than anything else. It’s very easy to imagine our democracy simply fading away as it becomes conventional wisdom that a Democrat can only become president if Democrats also control Congress. People give up on voting because it’s become so difficult and we turn into a Russia clone politically, where everything revolves around “blood and soil.”

    This hasn’t happened yet. It will be interesting to see how close I am to being right about this absolute choice we may have to make…no later than 2024-2025.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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