Just About 60% Done With The First Draft of The First Novel In The Planned 5 Novel Thriller Project

by Shelt Garner

Well, I know where things are ending with this first draft and I’m quite pleased. They’re ending with me finishing the first draft. Alright! It’s very much a struggle, though.

I have to just keep moving forward. I have to just keep writing.

It doesn’t help that my fingers hurt for various reasons at the moment. But that’s definitely a short-term problem. I think if I just keep moving, writing some every day, that I can wrap up this first draft a lot sooner than you might think.

Once that happens, then I’m going spend about a month writing and reading various other things. I may even spend a lot of time developing the second novel in the series. It will be a lot of fun to stay in-universe and yet write about something totally different.


Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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