The Key Political Issue Of 2024 Will Be Blue State Reaction To Trump & Bannon Stealing The Election

by Shelt Garner

We’re living through the montage before Something Bad happens in late 2024 – early 2025. What that Bad Thing will be, I still don’t know. And the reason why I don’t know is I simply can’t game out what the reaction to the theft of the 2024 election will be.

It could be that we’ll have a “national divorce” and, a such, a civil war. It could be that we’ll just slip peacefully into autocracy and that will be that. It could be that the crux of what decides the reaction of Blues to the 2024 clusterfuck will be if Trump is the Republican nominee or not.

Trump is so stupid and so lazy that he could, single handedly, spark a civil war by simply making Blues so angry that they feel no choice but to do so. But, again, I just can’t game things out.

There is every reason to believe that Blues just don’t have it in them to leave the Union. There could literally be a very brazen theft of the 2024 presidential election and…lulz. But anyway.

Every day that the 2024 election grows closer, the more we’ll get some sense of which direction things will go. For the moment, I think we’re going to turn into an autocracy without a peep of violence. The entire system is designed to keep people copacetic.

The key thing to look an eye on is wealthy liberals. If they begin to flee the country in anticipation then we’ll know which direction things will go. And, yet ,of course, wealthy liberals are probably going to flee the country either direction that things go. If there is obviously going to be a civil war, they’re leaving, if there’s obviously going to be an autocracy, they’re going to leave en masse.

I guess, then the issue is if Trump decides to run. If he runs, then the possibility of a civil war increases significantly. And then there’s the whole issue of how many times Biden and Harris will be impeached by by Republicans when they control the House.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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