The Transition From First To Second Draft Of My First Novel Is Going Surprisingly Well

by Shelt Garner

So, a few times over the last few days, I’ve been taken aback by how much I’ve managed to improve my first novel as I transition from first to second draft. It’s requiring me to re-write a few more scenes than maybe I would prefer, but that’s the life of an aspiring novelist.

The key issue is things are far more logical and follow the needs of cause and effect than before. People have some sort of motivation for what they do, they don’t just randomly do things for the purposes of the plot.

Now that things are going really well with this first novel, I find myself mulling what I’m going to do with the second novel. At the moment, I have just a concept and that’s it. I thought I could just carve off the second half of the first novel and simply re-work it.

But, lulz, nope.

It just isn’t as practical as I thought it might be. So, I’m going to have to radically change everything. I’ve even had to change when it takes place so I can have some interesting things happening in the back ground to spice things up a little bit.

But the thing I really love about this six novel project is, if I’m successful, you will see why my Lisbeth Salander-like young woman is so fucked. You’ll see in real time the events that lead her to be a badass who will kick your ass if you cross her.

That’s the dream, at least.

I’m not getting any younger, of course. If I don’t hurry up, I’m going to drop dead before I finish it all.

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