‘ U.S. is now in open civil war’

by Shelt Garner

Despite what the person searching for that term above in the subject believes, the US is far from “open civil war” at the moment. But we are in danger of one in a few years. I have been writing for some time that America is open to a civil war at some point between now and Certification Day 2025. What the Dobbs decision does is give the already existing divisions within the United States a new, dangerous economic element.

Pence wants a national ban on abortion.

Or, put another way, we are now, once more, a nation half free and half slave. In some states a woman has economic control over her body and in some states she doesn’t. Now, what complicates things is MAGA would tell you that the opposite is true — they’re the free states and Blues are the slave states. They would say that now because “every life is precious” a fertilized egg is “free” to be born and fuck you lib.

One thing I have to note is there’s a huge amount of slack in on the Right as to their expectations as to what happens next. Even though they’ve been demanding the overturning of Roe for 50 years, they clearly see it as nothing more than speed bump on their way to their final destination: a nationwide, complete ban on abortion in all 50 states. A number of Republican leaders have said this openly in the last few days since the Dobbs decision came out.

And that’s the crux of why it’s at least possible that instead of the United States slipping peacefully into autocracy around late 2024 – early 2025 we have a national divorce and, as such, a civil war. Blue States will simply refuse to have the MAGA knee on their necks for generations to come and they organize snap secession conventions. They might even do it en masse, in a coordinated effort to make it more difficult for the U.S. Military to do anything about it.

Acting President James Mattis in 2025?

But all of that is very speculative. It could go a lot of different directions, some of them variations on a theme. It could be that the U.S. Military steps in and we have a military junta for a little while while we try a last-ditch effort to keep the country together. And, remember, all of this would happening in the context of the global order fall apart, too, so it’s possible we really could have something akin to a “Great Reset” — WW3.

All I say is — be grateful you have a few years to prepare. Get your affairs in order.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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