America’s ‘Bogus’ Problem

by Shelt Garner

About once a month, I have a conversation with one of my Traditionalists relatives about politics. I’ve grown more and more reluctant to have these conversations because they’re Red and I’m Blue and anytime there’s any type of dispute over the facts, we can’t agree on what the fucking facts are!

Call it the “Bogus” Problem.

Whenever I point out cold hard facts — like Trump lied at least 30,000 times as POTUS and maybe Obama’s 1 (!) line about being able to keep your health insurance if you liked it wasn’t quite as bad as is being made out I get the “bogus” response.

The idea that Trump is a fucking liar, someone who lies far, far, far more than Obama is something that doesn’t work with the context of the Traditionalist media narrative, so, it’s “bogus.” When you can’t agree on facts with someone you disagree with politically, you go a serious fucking problem on your hands.

Such inability to agree on facts if they don’t fit your media narrative is extremely corrosive to the point that you either turn into a fascist autocracy or you have a civil war. At the moment, at least, it seems as if we’re just going to slouch into autocracy.

I will truly be flabbergasted if there is any sort of civil war in the United States. The center-Left just doesn’t have it in them to put up such a fight. But time will tell, I suppose.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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