‘Bend A Knee’

by Shelt Garner

A number of alarming developments have happened of late that slightly adjust my thoughts on the possibility that the United States might collapse into civil war.

One of them is how Judge Cannon — hand picked by dingus Trump — is granting his request for a Special Master. This is an easy-to-understand problem that only serves to rile up Blues. It’s possible — but not probable — that it may dawn on Blues that Reds are not only ascendant, but also have corrupted the administration of justice to the point that Trump really is above the law.

The other ominous development is the fact that SCOTUS has agreed to weigh in on the dumb “independent legislature” concept which, as I understand it, would officially disconnect the will of the people from selecting Electors. As such, a MAGA legislature could step in and appoint Trump electors, even if he otherwise lost the state in a landslide.

Combine these two things and the idea that the prospect of a very radical second Trump administration might be enough for Blue States — probably starting with California — to begin to leave the Union becomes a very real possibility.

Of course, it’s at least possible that Trump on a personal basis could start a civil war earlier than that by going transactional and demanding Red States leave the Union specifically to save his own sorry ass from going to prison. That scenario, while juicy, is extremely unlikely for no other reason than Trump lacks the abstract thinking ability necessary to think up something so diabolical.

But the issue remains — the United States is far less stable than we’re will to admit to ourselves. And I continue to believe that if there is any sort of civil war, it will happen because Blues refuse to bend a knee to MAGA fascism.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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