Mental Masturbation About Using A Combination of The 14th Amendment & A General Strike To Depose Trump In His Second Term

by Shelt Garner

Two things are generally true about me — I can’t predict the future and no one listens to me. In fact, not a lot of people even take me very seriously. But I am pretty good at making abstract concepts more concrete and also running scenarios.

With all that in mind, let’s mull how we might topple a tyrannical Second Trump Administration. The key issue is it hasn’t happened yet — and may never. So, lulz. But as recent polls indicate, we need to at least begin to contemplate what the fuck we’re going to do if Tyrant Trump gets a second chance at turning us into a Russia-style autocracy.

Now, remember, if it ends up being any other Republican then all of this is moot. Any other Republican would have the wherewithal to be sly and more orderly in their guiding us into a managed democracy. But this is Trump we’re talking about and he’s so dumb and erratic that there’s a good chance that he will really start to do some tyrannical bullshit that causes people to think seriously of something akin to a Glorious Revolution.

But there is a lot I just can’t game out.

It could be that I’m underestimating the patience of the American public. It could be that Trump really can go full tyrant and, well, lulz. He will be so legalistic about doing it that the U.S. Military will shrug and, well, there you go. As long as, in general, he doesn’t touch some basic rights like those found in the 1st Amendment, he will get a pass.

The people who might organize direct action, like a General Strike, will be too busy using their second passports to live in Europe and record their circle jerk podcasts.

Having said all that, it is clear to me that if things really did get that bad that we could use the 14 Amendment combined with a General strike to potentially entice the U. S. Miliary to depose Tyrant Trump. The argument of the Glorious Revolution would be that legally Trump was ineligible to run in the first place, so neither he — nor his running mate — are legally in office.

Now, some context.

Not only would both the United States and the entire world be in the middle of a massive clusterfuck if things get so bad that we’re talking like this, but there would be an equal and opposite reaction by MAGA. It’s not like they would just shrug and be cool with deposing their Dear Fucking Leader.

So. Any talk of combining a General Strike with the 14the Amendment is essentially advocating a civil war and I’m not prepared to do that. But I do think we all need to prepare ourselves for something astonishing to happen in the United States starting in late 2024, early 2025.

I can’t predict the future, so I suppose it’s possible that we may punt our problems down the road again, like we did in 2020. By my fear is even if we “just vote” and defeat Trump that he will, unto himself, spark a National Divorce — civil war — simply because he doesn’t want to go prison.


Keep the faith.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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