Project 2025 Won’t Happen In A Political Vacuum

by Shelt Garner

For all the dark implications of the MAGA Nazi Project 2025 conspiracy, there is one element to that particular clusterfuck that we have to remember: it won’t happen in a vacuum.

What this means is while the people behind Project 2025 have a vision as to how they’re going to corrupt the levers of power, it’s unlikely that the American populace is just going to lulz it. That’s why, of course, Project 2025 wants to have the U.S. Military bash people’s heads in using the Insurrection Act.

But there’s a problem.

The U.S. Military isn’t the Nazi SA. There is a pretty good chance that the U.S. Military may balk at being told to crush any resistance in the streets to Tyrant Trump’s efforts to transition the United States into a full-blown autocracy. This makes one wonder a few things.

One is, is it possible that the Project 2025 people will be forced to create some sort of SA group. Also, will they decide to weaponize the existing ICE infrastructure as a way to supplement the Insurrection Act. Turning ICE into a secret police-like organization would give fix a lot of problems for them.

Also, what happens between the time that Project 2025 starts to transition the United States into a tyrannical state under cover of corrupted justice and when they get things sorted out on the paramilitary and secret police fronts?

The interesting thing about Project 2025 is is makes some basic assumptions that may not be true. One is that America’s are so placid that any uprising could be crushed by a reluctant U.S. Military. Another is that in a nation as huge, decentralized and diverse as the United State that they could end American freedom and not provoke not just riots in the streets but something akin to a revolution.

And this is where things get even worse.

If Project 2025 isn’t able to browbeat the 60% of the population that fucking hates MAGA Nazis into submission and they rebel, then there might be a counter-revolution — or secession — on the part of the 40% of the American population that loves the fucking MAGA Nazis and *wants* a MAGA Nazi autocracy.

Of course, it’s possible that none of this will happen. Not only will Biden win re-election, but Trump won’t, unto himself, be able to cause a secession crisis by demanding a National Divorce.

The point is — late 2024, early 2025 is potentially really, really dark and turbulent.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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