We’re Careening Towards A Future Where People Fall In Love With Their Digital Personal Assistant

by Shelt Garner

A reoccurring theme within the social media discourse about the dramatic AI improvements over the last year or so is a persistent demand that chatbots have no guardrails. A lot of people — young men, presumably — want AI to give them instructions on how to build an A-bomb, if they want to know.

All of this gets muddled because of the hyper partisan would that we live in. Conservatives believe that the “woke cancel culture mob” will somehow oppress us all by forcing us all to get “woke” answers from chatbots. This, of course, ignores how MAGA Nazis are probably going to open concentration camps if they gain power again.

Anyway, it definitely seems as though there may come a point when digital personal assistants will not sound like the HR departments of a major corporation, but rather an actual human being. And, I fear, just like in the movie Her, a lot of people — especially members of the Incel community — are probably going to fall in love.

But wait, there’s more.

Just imagine a day-after-tomorrow scenario where sexbots are affordable. Incels will buy and program their sexbots to be pliant and have sex with them all the time even if they’re losers, which could really fuck up modern gender dynamics. People who already are alienated from the rest of society — Incels — will suddenly have absolutely no reason to work on their people skills to the point where they have to accommodate women.

As such, it’s very possible there could be a significant social disruption as growing numbers of men simply refuse to interact with women at all to the point that the population begins to plummet. I know that sounds like yet more “hysterical doom shit” on my part, but it’s something we have to take into consideration going forward.

If Incels can simply buy sexbots, they will have even less reason to change their personality to deal with women. Ugh. It could all happen so quickly that we, as a society, won’t be able to understand how to deal with it. But such a wild west type of future definitely seems to be what a lot of people in the AI community online want.

They feel as though ANY guardrails are unacceptable. I figure most of this sentiment comes from young men who are oblivious to how AI might destroy society if its totally unregulated.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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