by Shelt Garner

When I was living in Seoul, I occasionally would get a weird feeling that someone I was interacting with was….a bit…spooky. Whenever you suspect you’re dealing with spooks, you come off sounding like an crazy person because typically the average person doesn’t run into them.

But the thing about Seoul when I was there was there was a huge military base in the middle of the city. So, every once in a while when I was DJing at Nori in Sinchon, I saw older guys in the audience who just did not fit in. I have an extremely active imagination and so I would stand there, behind the bar, and wonder…are those guys spooks?

The only reason why I even bring this up is I’m listening to the “Wind of Change” podcast and it seems to fit very much in how I view the world in general — “normal” people are way too quick to assume that that just because someone is a kook that they couldn’t possibly have anything of merit to contribute. I am finding a lot of inspiration from the podcast as to how to come up with some out-of-the-box ideas for the novel I’m writing.

It’s this tendency that really bugs the shit out of me about successful Twitter liberals who look down their nose at me because I’m a bit “touched.” I often up come up with rather fantastical ideas. But at the same time, I occasionally do actually figure things out correctly — COVID19 being a prime example. I know why they do this — they have a vested interest in doing things “the right way” and if you don’t fit that metric, then, well, fuck you.

Anyway, I generally have a positive view of spooks these days because, well, we have a mad, tyrannical American Caligula hell-bent on destroying the nation I love and it seems as those if there really was a Deep State, they would be the good guys. Trump is actively trying to replace these good guys with traitors and sycophants, so who knows where things will end up.

Now What

by Shelt Garner

Well, if nothing else, I’ve got my motivation to hurry up with the novel I’m developing. The novel deals with some “big ideas” that are quite provocative in the context of the rise of fascism in America.

I have a massive amount of reading to do, however, if I want to make my characters believable. Every time America lurches forward on its now irrefutable path towards an autocratic “managed democracy,” feel added instinctive to work harder and faster on this novel.

The only problem is it is something of an epic undertaking given the significant learning curve I’ve had to deal with as well as how I’m doing all of this in a vacuum. (For the most part.)

Anyway, this dark foreboding I feel about our nation’s future is exactly the feeling I need to make this political thriller as dark as it needs to be. I had worried that my natural fun disposition would make it difficult to find the darkness necessary to write a proper thriller.

Well, that’s not going to be a problem anymore.

On That General Flynn ‘Exoneration’

by Shelt Garner

Mike Flynn is a traitor. But the fact that he’s likely going to be “exonerates” very, very soon is a testament not to his innocence but how powerful House Trump has become.

Autocrats never lose.

So, either Trump pardons Flynn or Bill Barr simply works his magic again and he’s a free man without a pardon. All the conditions are there for either one of those scenarios to happen very, very soon.

Why Trump and his fellow treasonous travelers have such a huge boner to “vindicating” Flynn is all very, very curious. But they’re going to “own the moment” on the Flynn front and crow about it because it gives them something to talk about other than Trump’s horrific handling of the COVID19 pandemic. That’s pretty much all the Right lives for now — anything they can talk about other than COVID19.


It’s stuff like this that lends credence to my belief we’re going to all assume Trump will lose in the fall and somehow we wake up in 2022 and he’s still in office, telling us how desperately we need a Constructional Convention to “balance the budget.”

The center-Left in the United States is historically weak all around and the dystopia is here. We’re not thing more than a Russian-style “managed democracy.” By the end of Trump’s second term, protests will be outlawed and any opposition to Trump in the media will be gutted through a variety of means.

If you oppose Trump and have the means to leave the country now, I suggest you do so. It’s only going to get far, far worse in the coming days.

‘Autocrats Always Win’ #Trump #Resist

by Shelt Garner

It is a liberal fever dream that Trump is ever leaving office for any political reason. If he ever leaves office, it will be because he’s finally grown so absolute erratic that MoscowMitch, at last, signals it’s time for him to go.

Otherwise, lulz.

I would go so far as to suggest that it won’t be until Trump bungles a war with the DPRK and is directly to blame for, say, Alabama being vaporized and turned into a post-nuclear hellscape that he leaves office. Trump is going to do whatever necessary to win re-election.

Then he will call a Constitutional Convention. He will be America’s Brezhnev for the next 10 years or so until some other member of House Trump finally ascends to power. Sometime around 2060, AOC will lead an armed popular revolt against House Trump and rule via a junta until things get sorted out.

I honestly don’t see any other endgame. It’s not like Trump’s going to let himself lose in a free-and-fair election. The only votes that matter are the Electoral College votes. He got away with bribing Stormy Daniels. The center-Left in the United States is so weak, he will get away with do something like that again, only in a far more brazen manner.

I’m going to die in an ICE camp. All I got to defend myself at this point is a novel I’m developing.

Maybe it’ll be a success so I can leave the country before ICE puts a bullet in the back of my head.

‘It Can Happen Here’

Some thoughts

COVID19’s REAL Danger Is Just ‘Trump Derangement Disorder’ According To Hugh Hewitt

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelt Garner

I guess we’re still in the “denial” phase of MAGA’s potential death rattle. Or, maybe, the phase before the Fourth Reich consolidates power and the American Killing Fields open in an ICE Camp near you. Lulz?

The reason why I say that is Hugh Hewitt is living in la-la land when it comes to the Trump Administration’s reaction to COVID19. What is also interesting is it seems as though MAGA “thought leaders” are prepping the ground for some regular old racism — people like Hugh Hewitt keep conspicuously calling it “Wuhan Flu” as if to dog whistle some anti-Chinese racism in the near, near future. (Please note, I still call COVID19, “Wuflu” because that’s what I first heard it called and it’s a sly reference to Wu-tang.

And, all things being equal, they’re likely to succeed. COVID19 is moving rather slow right now and they have plenty of time to lay the ground work for blaming Asians, or liberals or God himself, if need be, for any political damaged going forward. In the end, I think we all know what may happen — the Dear Leader will simply order the faithful to vote for him, no matter what, as a sign of their personal fidelity to him. He’s already pretty much close to this when he called farmers “patriotic.” He’s trying to get them to tow the line long-term so the evil brown people and the evil feminists won’t snatch their children in the middle of a cold Iowa night.

So, in a sense, MAGA is no longer just a cult, or a personality cult, it’s a DEATH CULT. They would rather we all die than Trump face any political consequences. So, even if Trump somehow magically is force out of office peacefully, House Trump will bounce back extremely quick by telling the faithful that they only lose because of the media’s “hoax” coverage of COVID19 that tanked the economy. This, even if, like, 11 million people die. They just don’t care. They really hate women and brown / black people that much.

I have say, I’m rather impressed with Hugh Hewitt and his fellow MAGA thought leaders for their commitment to the grift. I love you Hugh Hewitt, I really do. You’re the bestest guy in the WHOLE WORLD.

‘Accountability’ #COVID19

MAGA, 2020
Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelt Garner

At the heart of MAGA is the idea that because they’re skart of women with sexual agency and the browning of America, Trump — as an avatar of their misogyny and racism — can pretty much rule as a tyrant because, lulz! Now, that ideology is being put to a test with the first real crisis Trump has experience that is not a self-own.

And it could not happen at a worst time. Not only has Trump already been impeached and acquitted, but we’re not well into the 2020 presidential campaign and so all things being equal, Trump could murder me live on Sean Hannity’s show ritual sacrifice style and, well, “let the people decide.” Add to this that generally exactly what I predicted would happen, is happening, the same political dynamic associated with global climate change is happening with COVID19 only with far more dire and immediate consequences is happening, well, we got a problem.

It’s very possible that after some thrashing about for the right strategy, House Trump will find just the right mixture of hate, racism, ignorance and “owning the libs” necessary to do exactly what he was going to do anyway — lose the popular vote and when the Electoral College. By one vote, if need be. In fact, as I keep ranting, Trump is fully prepared to dox, or threaten or bribe individual electors simply to get into office so he can fight another impeachment battle.

If you work on the assumption that the Russians are going to hack directly into our election computers, anyway, then, lulz. Even if we prove this happened, by the time we get around to fixing the problem it could mid-way into his second term. He could very well name Don Jr. his veep and, then, well, House Trump will have been founded once Trump is finally convicted in the Senate in, like, August 2023. Or he could use an actual American Nazi like Rep. Steve King as his veep to make the prospect of impeaching-and-convicting as nasty as fucking possible.

Or, put it another way — there is unlikely to be any accountability for Trump turning what could have been The Little One into THE BIG ONE. MAGA is a death cult. They would rather we all die that women have the right to choose or AOC have the political power she’s potentially going to grow into.

House Trump’s #COVID19 ‘Hoax’ Messaging To The Base Has Real-Life Implications For The Nation’s Health

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelt Garner

I had an illuminating little encounter today. I saw two Virginia State Troopers at a fast food place and I decided to talk to them about what I felt was the coming COVID19 crisis. I was a bit taken aback not only by how fucking arrogant and dismissive they were, but how the one who spoke to me pretty much towed House Trump’s official imperial line about what’s going on: “a media hoax.”

So two men who are likely to be at the forefront of what could be the biggest domestic crisis in our nation’s history since the Civil War were lulzing it because The Dear Leader is a comically deranged mixture of Chauncey Gardner and Zoolander. While, yes, Trump may have meant the media was “weaponizing” their coverage of COVID19 because they wanted to hurt his fee-fees, a lot of his followers HEARD WHAT HE SAID: nothing to worry about, it’s a hoax.

Anyway, I’m starting to think House Trump is going to get away with doing to COVID19 what they did with The Mueller Report — lie and hide the truth until politically they escape any consequence again. It’s the idea that House Trump might face some political consequence for their criminal incompetence, more than any blood lust about hoping to see “millions die”that people like me want when it comes to COVID19. And, I think, on an gut level, even the Doofus Crown Prince Don Jr. knows that and hence he lashes out — he knows that if that actually happened, the whole thing could come tumbling down. At least in the short term. That prospect frightens him so much — and he’s a complete moron — that he lashes out and says demostrably hateful, stupid things in an effort to whip the base up into a frenzy so they’ll vote for him in 2024 should God Emperor Trump I decide to step down rather than rule as Emperor For Eternity.

So, there’s a good chance that rather than face any accountability, the criminally incompetence House Trump will mindfuck America like we’re China or something. They won’t tell us how many tests are available. If the have the power to hide any information that will hurt them politically, they will, damn the consequences or additional loss of life. As long as the stockmarket is stable and Trump wins re-election, everything is a lulz. The base will remain willfully ignorant of how many of their loved ones could have been saved and if there’s any scandal, it won’t be until the general 2021 – 2023 time frame before it happens. House Trump installs its OWN Deep State and Vice President Don Jr. becomes president should Emperor Trump 1 of Trumplandia dain to step down for any reason whatsoever.

I honestly don’t see how both the worst case scenario happens AND us being just as fucked as we would have been had none of this have happened won’t happen. Many more people than need be will get sick and maybe die AND House Trump will establish the Thousand Year Trump. They’re just too craven, too willing to do anything to win for that not to happen.

Of note — Trump has said at least once that COVID19 is going to “miraculous” vanish in April. This is what’s going on: an expert told him it’s likely COVID19, like the flu, will retreat in the spring, just like the normal flu. It isn’t really going anywhere — just like the Spanish Flu, it will be back in the fall. But Trump will crow that he was right. In fact, he will make it the centerpiece of his re-election campaign. The fact that COVID19 would then be ravaging the Southern Hemisphere won’t matter to him. In fact, he will probably know that and when it comes back just int time for an “October Surprise” he will use it blame Democrats and / or suspend the election and never fucking leave office.

Again, if you think all of this is me having “Trump Derangement Disorder,” I want YOU, PERSONALLY, to eat shit. It’s the least I can say since it’s demonstrable that House Trump is criminally incompetence and a lot of people — many of them elderly MAGA people — will die unnecessarily because Trump doesn’t want to face any real political accountability. House Trump is already censoring the number of tests given and they could go so far as to make the results classified at some point in the near future.

Godspeed, everyone.

Pence Pandemic Politics #COVID19 #CoronaVirus

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelt Garner

To understand what’s going on right now with Trump and a looming pandemic on a political level, you have to go back to the origins of MAGA. Something about Obama’s second term freaked angry white Baby Boomers out. They realized, at last, that long-term demographics weren’t on their side and, as such, they grew full of rage. Probably what happened was the Russians noticed this envelopment and began a long-term plot to get Trump in as president. It was probably one of a number of geopolitical ratfucking ideas they had and it just happened to be the one that paid off on a rather massive level.

So, in a sense, Trump is very lucky. He’s a complete moron. A stooge. A pasty for the agenda of our biggest geopolitical foe. But, for the time being, he’s president. The MAGA base is now a death cult. They would rather we all die that admit that they were used in a crass political fashion for the needs of plutocrats and Russians.

This is the point where I say people across the political spectrum are not taking the possibility of a pandemic seriously. While Trump is obviously the most conspicuous and egregious, the center-Left has, the last few days, seen this crisis as an opportunity to score short term political points. You would, too, if a racist misogynist had scream at you at the top of his lungs for about four years.

One person the MAGA base isn’t thrilled with right now is Mike Pence. And Trump knows this, so, he’s hung Pence out to dry by making him the point man for the Trump Administration’s attempt to control a growing pandemic. Now, this is where things may get a little surreal. Given that we’re FINALLY beginning to test across the country, Pence’s attempts to message the base by saying everything is fine may grow rather dated even before their air tomorrow morning. If we wake up tomorrow morning to learn that 20 states have dozens of cases each, then, well, Pence isn’t going to look so great. (The exact chronology of how this might happen is up in the air, of course. But you get the picture.)

Now, the issue is, because Trump is a moron — not the political genius that access journalist Maggie Haberman would have us to believe — when things grow far, far FAR more dire than Trump could possibly imagine and his usual Stormy Daniel bullshit playbook is completely destroyed by, well, the reality that the MAGA base is experiencing, then the whole administration faces an existential problem. What happens then, is anyone’s guess. Or, to put it another way, when someone like Hugh Hewitt or Rick Santorum begin to act more like their 2012 selves again, then, well, Trump is in deep, deep trouble. Whatever those two guys said that would make me drop my jaw in shock would likely mean things have gotten very, very bad across the country. They’ve both invested so much in MAGA — and Trump as a person — for them to finally admit, again, that the sky is blue would likely be extremely surreal.

And it still may not happen. It’s possible that Trump will, again, escape and the Fourth Reich will grow in power and I’ll endup in a ICE death camp wit American Killing Fields as I’ve repeatedly predicted the last few years.

But if things really did get that bad — not that I want them to, mind you — Trump will either finally snap mentally in a rather spectacular fashion, or he will be seen through the lends of normal American politics and his power via the MAGA base will, at last, begin to wilt. A lot of Republicans who have felt a feudal fidelity to Trump will abruptly begin to distance themselves. Given how all-in they’ve been the last three years this event will be mindbogglingly surreal. It will be like returning to earth after three years in space.

And, really, it might even be just a moment in time. A few days until Trump collects his wits and uses the fact that a lot of people are dying as an excuse to consolidate power and we go back to the usual bullshit. My mind almost can’t even imagine how bad the pandemic would have to get for this to happen. Because the next, very, very, VERY late step in the game would be for Trump — if he’s not whipping his cock out and stroking it on TV by this point — to begin to pick people with some actual professionalism to speak for the administration, not political hacks. He would only do such a drastic thing if the usual rules of American politics came back so hard that he realized he wasn’t even going to be seen as a Republican Jimmy Carter. He would, at least, be seen for what he is — a real-life, deranged Chauncey Gardner.

But I really don’t want things to have to get that bad. I have come to accept that Trump is probably going to come after me — and people like me — in his second term and I’m going to die in an ICE camp killing field. If you think that’s just me having “Trump Derangement Disorder,” you can fuck off and eat shit you fucking MAGA fascist.

‘Beware, Columbia, The Ides Of March:’ The House Trump #COVID19 ‘Hoax’ Gambit #CoronaVirus

We Got This.
Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelt Garner

From what I can tell of MAGA’s take on the growing Corona Virus crisis, our addled Dear Leader believes that through sheer force of will he can escape any political consequences from what may be about to happen. He has every reason to believe this. Because about 35% of the population is deathly afraid of “scary brown people” and women with sexual agency, they are willing to give our doofus president absolute power. Absolute. Power.

So, it’s worked before, so why won’t it work again? A lot of people die from the flu each year, so House Trump believes they can message the base such that they shrug the whole thing off. They tell them they’re “patriots” for voting for Trump should there be a deep recession this year and, besides, Biden’s son is a criminal and Sanders is a Communist. Lulz! They think Trump will win exactly the same way he did last time — help from the Russians and a divided opposition. By 2022 he gets his Constitutional Convention to “pass a balanced budget amendment” and he gets to hand over the family business over to the doofus crown prince sometime around 2030.

There’s a problem for them now, however — Coronavirus. If it turns into the biggest domestic catastrophe since the Civil War, it’s at least POSSIBLE the MAGA death cult…might notice? If the economy locks up, the old die and the young starve, it’s within the realm of possibility that Trump’s absolute lock on the presidency might…maybe…work with me here…be a little less absolute?

The next few days — hell, hours — could be crucial. A lot of what is going ot happen may be determined by what has elapsed over the weekend when the Sunday morning political chat shows take place. If a dozen states report cases of Coronavirus and the entire nation is freaking out, then, well, that MIGHT be a little bit more difficult to write off as a simile “liberal media hoax” created by evil liberals who want to hurt our deranged Chauncey Gardner’s fee-fees out of spite. (Look way from the “fuck your feels” mantra of 2016, huh?)

The possibility that Trump’s absolute need to win at all costs slams against his absolute realization that he’s going to be blamed for the death of thousands (millions?) and while he’ll obviously still win because of Russian hacking, that at some point he might have an existential issue on his hands. At that point, he’s going to snap. He is going to lose his fucking mind. He may shut down the Internet. Shut the borders entirely. Order the Air Force to shoot down passenger planes. Tell his followers to murder people he doesn’t like. Whip out his cock and start to masturbate on TV. You name it, he might do it.

The issue for me is, how long before — should the worst happen — the entire country grinds to a halt socially and economically and Trump’s “Hoax Gambit” fails completely? The earliest it would fail, I think, would be Feb 29th. The latest it would fail would be the Ides of March, March 15. There’s something of a spectrum between those two dates, as well, of course.

It will definitely be interesting to see how bad things get before Trump either completely fucking loses his mind, or he, at last, reluctantly for a moment stops thinking about power, or his checkbook or the stockmarket and starts thinking about us, his charge.

He’s a fucking racist idiot. He may never do. He may, instead, simply end civilization rather admit defeat. I wish I was joking. And if you think I have “Trump Derangement Disorder,” let me tell you in advance to eat shit you piece of shit. The lives of millions are at stake and this is not a simple policy debate or me not liking Trump as a person. He’s a fucking idiot and a traitor. And if you support him, you’re complicit, you cockholster.