Talk To Me Internet: Sean Hannity Is An Ass, Update On My Novel, Other Stuff

by Shelton Bumgarner

This is sort of blah. It is what is it is. Meh.

Sean Hannity, Fuck Boi

By Shelton Bumgarner

I get it, it’s Sean Hannity’s thing to piss people like me off. But sometimes he gets under my skin so much that I get hives. Oh, how I wish he would shut the fuck up. He’s such a fuck boi. What an asshole. He’s so fucking smug and so unwilling to admit that Trump isn’t infallible that even if Trump murdered someone, Hannity would figure some reason why he was cool with it.

The world is going to hell in a bucket. It’s horrible. And Hannity seems content with pouring gas on the flames. He has got to be the worst of the worst on FOX News. Fuck that guy.

Like, What The Fuck Is Wrong With Sean Hannity?

by Shelton Bumgarner

I am growing more and more troubled by the completely meltdown freakout taking place at FOX News, specifically as typified by one Sean Hannity. The man has lost it. He’s growing unhinged. And none of it seems to make any sense.

It all started a few weeks ago when Hannity started to tout the bizarre conspiracy theory associated with the tragic death of Seth Rich. According to this completely boners conspiracy theory, Rich was murdered at the behest of John Podesta because he was the source of all the emails that Wikileaks kept pumping out during the campaign. It’s all really horrible and makes me wince even having to explain what it is that Hannity is babbling on about.

Because of his talking up this conspiracy theory, he has begun to lose advertisers and rightfully so. He’s destroying any credibility he may have had and I fear he’s putting the lives of people like John Podesta at risk. It’s almost as if he’s baiting our conspiracy-loving president into picking up the cause.

Now, as his show begins its seemingly inevitable death rattles, Hannity has vowed to go after the advertisers of the Left leaning Rachel Maddow and Stephen Colbert. Such hysterical vindictiveness does no one any good, especially Hannity himself.

This, of course, brings up a more potent issue: what is the origin of this surreal behavior on the party of Hannity and his ilk in the first place? What drives them to go so far into a surreal netherworld of Rightwing fantasies that they completely lose touch with reality and start to seem as though they want to cause trouble just for the sake of causing trouble.

I know a few people like Hannity and even though they’re guy won, you wouldn’t know it from talking to them. Even though Trump seems intent destroying the post World War II global liberal order and has the means to do it, they act like caged rats. They rhetoric and ideology — such as it is — would make you think they had to worry about the state police coming after them in the middle of the night.

If anything explains what I mean by the term “Trumplandia” it’s Hannity’s current behavior. It has no place in public discourse, much less TV news and his complete Howard Beal meltdown is a real risk to civil society. But I am at a loss to explain where it all comes from. I’m at a loss to explain the origin of it all. The source of all this batshit behavior is so mysterious that if we could finally pin it down, we might be able to get a huge step closer to fixing the enormous political mess we find ourselves in as a Republic.

Anyway, I just don’t know. It’s all so weird, and the thinking is so nonsensical relative to my world view that it feels like some sort of weird meta-troll. But, alas, it’s not. It’s all very serious and we’re all going to have to deal with the consequences regardless if we want to or not.

What Hath Trumplandia Wrought: The Seth Ritch Tragedy

by Shelton Bumgarner

While generally I think Olivia Nuzzi, at least on Twitter, is one of the more annoying scribes out there, she does deliver a powerful piece on New York Magazine’s website about the tragic attack on the memory of Seth Rich by the forces of Trumplandia.

It continues to blow my mind that anyone with an IQ above room temperature would give the Seth Rich conspiracy theory any credence. It makes my skin crawl even thinking that otherwise “respected” media and political figures would give the Seth Rich conspiracy any respectability.

As Nuzzi writes:

To Trump supporters, Rich came to represent their belief that the president was innocent and the Russia narrative was a creation of the media-deep state industrial complex. Adding fuel to this bewildering fire were claims that Rich had been a secret, devout Bernie Sanders supporter — this, based on curious edits made to Reddit posts from an account belonging to Rich made after he died, and the existence of another Reddit account called “pandas4bernie” (recall the panda suit) that became inactive around the time he died. The people behind “pandas4bernie,” who are also behind a similar Bernie-themed Twitter account, denied Rich was connected to their Reddit, and a coworker of Rich’s told me that although he’d never openly expressed a preference for Sanders, he thought it would be unlikely that Rich was a fan, since the Sanders campaign feuded so publicly with the DNC, something that aggravated everyone there. What’s more, when Rich died, he was planning to move to Brooklyn to work for the Clinton campaign.

If anything gives you insight into the mentality of the typical citizen of that nation of the mind known as Trumplandia, it is the Seth Rich conspiracy. I have spoken to more than one Trumplandia person and they are quick to jump on any conspiracy. One person Trump supporter I’ve spoken to was absolutely sure that the Access Hollywood tape was an elaborate conspiracy on the part of evil liberals to end the Trump campaign.

And, given that Donald Trump himself loves nothing more than a good conspiracy, such bizarre thinking is at the core of the Trumplandia mythos. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest you can’t understand Trumplandia without understanding the psychological underpinnings of the appeal of conspiracy theories. I am no shrink, but obviously Trump has tapped into something by being so ready to believe random conspiracy theories. It obviously helped him politically. Got him the presidency, if nothing else.

One of the interesting takeaways from the article is that Rich wasn’t even all that technologically proficient. As the New York Magazine article puts it:

And for some coworkers, an irony of the entire conspiracy – which hinges on Rich being the one who leaked the DNC documents to Assange’s organization — is that Rich wasn’t much of a tech whiz. “One of the hilarious things about this whole thing was the idea that he was somehow the master hacker behind Wikileaks, is that he was fundamentally, like, not that great of a programmer,” a coworker told me. “He’s like a very smart guy, but he was not — that wasn’t his thing. He wasn’t a computer person first and foremost, he was really interested in politics and solving problems but he came to the computer part as a tool.” Another friend noted on a memorial page that her funny memory of Rich was having to explain to him that his Twitter account, which he used often to complain to companies, was private—which is why those companies never responded to his gripes

But the greatest tragedy of Seth Rich is people like Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich trying to use it as leverage to defend Trump on charges of collusion — or worse collaboration — with the Russians during their meddling in the 2016 election cycle.

I wonder, perhaps, that when it comes to Hannity, this is all an effort to get fired from FOX News so he becomes a martyr for Trumplandia and ends up as Communications Director at the White House, or an anchor for InfoWars. Something like that. Anything, at this point, seems possible.

What I fear is two things. One, I fear that as the Tsar-A-Largo scandal grinds on over the next few months and years, that we will pretty much hear about poor Seth Rich on a constant level until Trump’s fate is decided one way or another.

Additionally, I fear for the safety of John Podesta. I really worry that Trump will pick up on the Seth Rich conspiracy theory and some nutjob will come after Podesta in a physical manner. I really hope I’m being spooked for no reason, but it is something to worry about, given that a crackpot went to Rocket Pizza looking for proof of a conspiracy there.

Anyway, this is not over by a long shot. The stakes are too high and Trumplandia is too deluded for them not to cling on to the Seth Rich conspiracy with all their might, hoping to score as many points and gain as may votes as possible.

Shelton Bumgarner is The Trumplandia Report’s editor and publisher. He may be reached at migukin (at)