Don’t Rage, Engage: The Time For Constant Outrage Is Over

by Shelton Bumgarner

So Jeff Sessions may testify in closed session this week after originally agreeing to do so in public. It has really hit home the last few days that none of the outrage that I feel or anyone else feels at this point is going to make any difference.

We really, really need to channel our urge to be outraged at the latest insane thing on the part of the Trump Administration in a more productive fashion. We need to realize that as long as the Vichy Republicans are in control, Trump’s not getting impeached.

So that means a solid two years, at least, before we can get down to the business of holding Trumplandia accountable. That’s a really, really long time given that the news cycle these days seems to be about 10 seconds. Hence, we really need to engage, not rage. We need to do our individual part to cross the political divide on a regular, daily basis.

We just can’t exhaust ourselves with outrage. It’s not productive and in the long run only helps the forces of Trumplandia. We really need to engage politically. Call your Congressperson. Talk to someone you think might be trolling you instead of blocking them right away. Read some. Pick up a book on leadership.

Something, anything, other than just getting mad and lashing this way and that over things we really have no control over at this point. In the fall of 2018, then we can be outraged. When the time comes to vote, vote. But stop just getting mad and then sulking.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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