The Case For Radical Resistance — Embrace The ‘New Rules’

by Shelton Bumgarner

One thing that’s interesting is Trump appears to be fishing for some new catch phrase to lob at people he doesn’t like and he right now is talking about “Radical Democrats,” which doesn’t have the marketing umph of what I think we should call ourselves, which is “Radical Resistors.”

So, it seems only a matter of time before it clicks with Trump and all he’ll do is talk about Radical Resistors and how evil we are. This, of course, probably will make Blue Check Liberal Intellectuals wring their hands and clutch their pearls in dismay, saying self-adoption of the phrase is a “gift” to Trump and MAGA.

You know what I way about that?

I say fuck that.

You know what Radical Resistance is to me? It’s that feeling of anger you get after listening to Pod Save America. That sense that something is deeply wrong with the political culture of the nation you love and yet it seems as though there’s this weird asymmetrical dichotomy in the eyes of the mainstream press.

The press — whom I love — still has their fair set of problems, and their conspicuous double standard for MAGA and Radical Resistors is one of them. MAGA is quite proud to run their political game under completely different and “new” rules than what the Democrats typically use. I say, why not adopt these “new rules” as well at least in the short term if that’s what’s needed to have a functioning governent.

At least in the short term, The Resistance needs to throw aside it’s politeness and throw down the gauntlet and pick up the rubric Radical Resistance. Both sides are in the Thunderdome, but only one side realizes it. The Resistance needs to radicalize on an ideological level for a very specific reason — the future of the Republic is at stake.

And, really, the ideology that I propose isn’t even really all that radical. Simply demand that if a Democrat wants your vote, they have to be in favor of the immedate opening of impeachment hearings and the eventual impeachment and conviction of Donald John Trump.

Everything else is just white noise.

I get the sense that people are slowly radicalizing, but maybe because they’re busy, like, having a life, they haven’t spent the time needed to figure out exactly the ideology of their growing anger. I propose that we name ourselves Radical Resistors as a homage to the Radical Republicans and bumrush the Freedom Caucus.

But this is more a liberal progressive daydream than something I think might actually happen. I guess because of the rise of people like AOC, I’m slowly turning into a Democratic Socialist. But even AOC has disappointing me in her wishy-washiness when it comes to the topic of impeachment.

Again, let me note that there would be any debate about the need for impeachment — at a minimum — at this point is kind of flabbergasting. Someone, somewhere with some power needs some backbone. Someone needs to kick the powers that be in the ass and get them to do their job

If you want to say adopting the phrase Radical Resistor is a “gift” to MAGA, then so be it. But get out of our way, we have a Republic to save.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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