Deadline August 2019: Radical Resistance In The Context Of Reconstruction’s Radical Republicans & No Deal Brexit

By Shelton Bumgarner

The major difference between the Radical Republicans and the Radical Resistance is the historical context. The Radical Republicans existed, in large part because there was a lot of bent-up political anger towards the South and, as such, a small, but powerful segment of the American body politic was pissed.

Meanwhile, right now, the very idea of a Radical Resistance is more theoretical. People are generally content on an economic level because things are doing fine and they’re more busy raising their kids and paying their mortgage than they are interested in impeaching the president. But, for me at least, we have a deadline — if we don’t impeach Trump by August 2019, he’s not going anywhere until at least 2021, if ever.

So, that’s why unless something really big happens in an unexpected way, all my writing about a Radical Resistance movement is more theoretical. But there is one major event that could change a basic aspect of this equation — No Deal Brexit.

As I understand it, the UK is now lurching towards leaving the EU in March 2019 without a deal. There’s a very good chance that the global economy could get kneecapped under such a scenario and, as such, so would Trump. As I keep saying, Trump is an avatar for about 37% of the population who feel historically disenfranchised. That he may also be something of a Russian agent is also something to take into consideration.

Put another way, what might happen is I’m just going to write out my frustration with a lack of interest on the part of the House to impeach Trump until March and suddenly my theoretical ranting about the need for a Radical Resistance won’t seem quiet so much like the rantings of just another Internet crank.

There’s a really good chance that the political center will grow a lot more willing to adopt the ideology of the Radical Resistance once the bottom drops out of the global economy. But that’s just me spitballing at this point. I just don’t see us making our deadline. Trump’s only weakness right now is a macro event.

Americans generally aren’t ones to get radical in any mass way. In real terms, not even the Vietnam War did it. So, all this writing I’m doing is just for my own sake unless I might be able to get a famous person to re-tweet a link to this site.

Or something.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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